India, Old and New by Sir Valentine Chirol

Large book cover: India, Old and New

India, Old and New

Publisher: Macmillan and Co.
ISBN/ASIN: 1436528259
Number of pages: 344

Critique of early 20th Century India according to the British diplomat, journalist and historian. From the contents: the clash of two civilisations, the enduring power of Hinduism, Mahomedan domination, British rule under the east India company, the mutiny and fifty years after, the first great wave of unrest, the Morley-Minto reforms, through the great war to the great Indian reform bill, the emergence of mr. Gandhi, side-lights on the elections, cross currents in southern India, the birth of an Indian parliament, economic factors, the inclined plane of Gandhiism, the Indian problem a world problem.

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