America's Role in the World: Foreign Policy Choices for the Next President

America's Role in the World: Foreign Policy Choices for the Next President

America's Role in the World: Foreign Policy Choices for the Next President
by Thomas R. Pickering, Chester A. Crocker

Publisher: Study of Diplomacy 2008
ISBN/ASIN: 0934742898
ISBN-13: 9780934742894
Number of pages: 100

This report identifies critical foreign policy choices that will face the next president of the United States. It does not offer specific prescriptions for dealing with these issues, rather it offers a comprehensive agenda of issues for the next administration. The next president of the United States must comprehend and address the driving forces transforming the world, the geopolitical challenges facing America, the constraints on American capacity to conduct an effective foreign policy, and the fundamental choices that will confront America in 2009.

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