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Teaching and Learning of CalculusTeaching and Learning of Calculus
by David Bressoud, et al. - Springer Open , 2016
This text focuses on the main trends in the field of calculus education. The findings reveal a cornerstone issue that is strongly linked to the formalism of calculus concepts and to the difficulties it generates in the learning and teaching process.
Uses of Technology in Upper Secondary Mathematics EducationUses of Technology in Upper Secondary Mathematics Education
by Stephen Hegedus, et al. - Springer Open , 2017
The book addresses the use of technology from different points of view: analysis of activity in new technology mediated learning environments, the changes brought by technology, the interrelations between mathematical activities and technology, etc.

High-level Math for Little TykesHigh-level Math for Little Tykes
by Evelyn Raiken Lewis - Smashwords , 2016
This guide advocates for teaching the vocabulary and concepts of high-level math to children in their first years of life. This is the time when the human brain is optimized to learn any language, even the language of mathematics.
Primary MathematicsPrimary Mathematics
- Wikibooks , 2012
This book focuses on primary school mathematics for students, whether children or adults. It is assumed that no calculators are used, to encourage mental arithmetic. This course uses as much lay language as possible to also be helpful to parents.
On the Study and Difficulties of MathematicsOn the Study and Difficulties of Mathematics
by Augustus De Morgan - The Open Court Publishing , 1910
In compiling the following pages, my object has been to notice particularly several points in the principles of algebra and geometry, which have not obtained their due importance in our elementary works on these sciences.
A Second Course in Mathematics Concepts for Elementary TeachersA Second Course in Mathematics Concepts for Elementary Teachers
by Marcel B. Finan - Arkansas Tech University , 2006
Topics: Integers; Rational Numbers; Real Numbers; Functions and their Graphs; Misleading Graphs and Statistics; Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion; Probability; Basic Geometric Shapes and Figures; Symmetry of Plane Figures; etc.
A First Course in Mathematics Concepts for Elementary School TeachersA First Course in Mathematics Concepts for Elementary School Teachers
by Marcel B. Finan - Arkansas Tech University , 2006
Problem-solving is the cornerstone of school mathematics. The techniques discussed in this book should help you to become a better problem solver and should show you how to help others develop their problem-solving skills.
Mathematical Proficiency for All StudentsMathematical Proficiency for All Students
by Deborah Loewenberg Ball - RAND Corporation , 2003
A clear need exists for improvement in mathematics proficiency in US schools. While the federal government have made significant investments toward improving mathematics education, the knowledge base supporting these efforts has generally been weak.
Contemporary Issues in Mathematics EducationContemporary Issues in Mathematics Education
by E. A. Gavosto, S. G. Krantz, W. McCallum - Cambridge University Press , 1999
What is the appropriate balance among theory, technique, and applications? What is the role of technology? How do we fulfill the needs of students entering other fields? This volume presents a serious discussion of these educational issues.
Assessing Mathematical ProficiencyAssessing Mathematical Proficiency
by Alan H. Schoenfeld - Cambridge University Press , 2007
In a conference at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, mathematicians, math education researchers, teachers, test developers, and policymakers gathered to work through critical issues related to mathematics assessment.
Mathematics under the MicroscopeMathematics under the Microscope
by Alexandre V. Borovik - American Mathematical Society , 2008
An unusual book that casts new light on the nature of mathematics. Interesting to maths majors at universities, school teachers of mathematics, graduate students in computer science or mathematics, computer scientists and research mathematicians.