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Modern Design in Jewellery and FansModern Design in Jewellery and Fans
by Charles Holme (ed.) - Offices of The Studio , 1902
The Editor has selected a number of representative modern examples of design by British and Continental workers, which bear testimony to the great advance that has recently been made in the rendering of the jeweller's and fan-maker's arts.

The China Painter Instruction BookThe China Painter Instruction Book
- Thayer & Chandler , 1914
In this work we devote special chapters to the various features of china painting such as lining, mixing of colors, etc., and with this lesson the beginner has a fair start; she will soon learn what the different combinations of colors will produce.

by H. Clifford Smith - G. P. Putnam's Sons , 1908
Jewellery may be defined as comprising various objects adapted to personal ornament, precious in themselves or rendered precious by their workmanship. The jewel as personal ornament may be merely decorative, or it may be useful as well as ornamental.

Contemporary Ceramics: Selections from The Metropolitan Museum of ArtContemporary Ceramics: Selections from The Metropolitan Museum of Art
by Jane Adlin - Metropolitan Museum of Art , 1998
The collection shows the extraordinary breadth of styles postwar artists have been able to create. The experimentation of the early pottery-making 'rule breakers' of the era gave rise to one of the most creative periods in the history of ceramics.

Interior Decoration : Its Principles and PracticeInterior Decoration : Its Principles and Practice
by Frank Alvah Parsons - Doubleday , 1920
This book may be of service to somebody in pointing out what a house is really for and what it should express. It is designed also to make clear the essential qualities which are the life and soul of each of the decorative periods in history.

Engraving: Its Origin, Processes, and HistoryEngraving: Its Origin, Processes, and History
by Henri Delaborde - Cassel & Co. , 1886
Engraving, in the strict sense of the word, is no invention due to modern civilization. But centuries elapsed before man acquired the art of multiplying printed copies from a single original, to which art the name of engraving has been extended.

Industrial Arts DesignIndustrial Arts Design
by William H. Varnum - Scott, Foresman and Company , 1916
As a textbook, this is a practical guide for designing in wood, clay, and base and precious metals. It is intended for individual student use in the High Schools, Normal Schools, and Colleges and as a reference book for elementary school teachers.

Exploring Folk ArtExploring Folk Art
by Michael Owen Jones - Utah State University Press , 1993
Jones explores the human impulse to create, the necessity for having aesthetically satisfying experiences, and the craving for tradition. He also considers topics such as making chairs, remodelling houses, preparing and eating food, and more.

Monograms and CiphersMonograms and Ciphers
by Albert Angus Turbayne - T. C. & E. C. Jack , 1906
In laying out this book I have put into it the experience of many years of actual work in the designing of Monograms, Ciphers, Trade-Marks, and other letter devices. I have given the work much thought in order to present the most useful material.

Principles of Decorative DesignPrinciples of Decorative Design
by Christopher Dresser - Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co. , 1875
My object in writing this work has been that of aiding in the art-education of those who seek a knowledge of ornament as applied to our industrial manufactures. I have aimed at giving the knowledge in a simple and intelligible manner.

Furniture for the CraftsmanFurniture for the Craftsman
by Paul D. Otter - Davis Williams Co. , 1914
The author concentrates on furniture of the middle class, this puts design within reach of the amateur craftsman, as well as the hobbyist who will spend his weekends making sawdust and turned legs. Hobbyists will find a fund of furniture ideas.

First Principles of Symmetrical BeautyFirst Principles of Symmetrical Beauty
by David Ramsay Hay - W. Blackwood and sons , 1846
From the table of contents: Nature of the science of aesthetics explained; Plane figures the bases of all forms; The isosceles triangle; Universal application of the composite ellipse in the arts of ornamental design; and more.

Art, Design and Visual ThinkingArt, Design and Visual Thinking
by Charlotte Jirousek - Cornell University , 2007
An introduction to visual arts and design that stresses the components of visual thinking and visual language underlying design and the fine arts. It serves students with a wide range of experience, no background is needed, no special skills.

Woman as DecorationWoman as Decoration
by Emily Burbank - Dodd, Mead and Co. , 1917
This illustrated book is a brief guide for the woman who would understand her own type, make the most of it, and know how simple a matter it is to be decorative if she will but master the few rules underlying all successful dressing.

Hand-Book of Wood EngravingHand-Book of Wood Engraving
by William Andrew Emerson - Lee and Shepard Publishers , 1881
Practical instruction in the art for persons wishing to learn without an instructor. The book contains a description of tools and apparatus used, explaining the manner of engraving various classes of work. A history of the art is also given.

Illustrated History of FurnitureIllustrated History of Furniture
by Frederick Litchfield - Truslove & Hanson , 1903
An overview of the decorative furniture and woodwork, from the earliest period until the present time. Illustrations are arranged in chronological order, and the descriptions are explanatory of the historical changes which have affected the furniture.

Best of FarshchianBest of Farshchian
by Papak , 2008
Mahmoud Farshchian is a world renowned master of Persian painting and miniatures. He is the most prominent modernizer of the field of miniatures, an art form which was first established in Ancient Persia and later spread to other countries.