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Biblical BasicsBiblical Basics
by Jason King - Smashwords , 2013
A brief study guide to the principle construction, themes and topics of the biblical story. Covers both Old and New Testaments. Suitable for group or individual study. A recommended introduction and prerequisite to other comprehensive study guides.
Catechism of the Catholic ChurchCatechism of the Catholic Church
- Libreria Editrice Vaticana , 2000
The book presents a full, complete exposition of Catholic doctrine, enabling everyone to know what the Church professes, celebrates, lives, and prays in her daily life. The Christian faith is presented in the most suitable way possible.

The Bible from Start to FinishThe Bible from Start to Finish
by Freda Hawkes - Smashwords , 2012
These studies pick out important parts of the bible, from the Genesis, to the last book, Revelation. Each study has notes helping you understand the context and the unusual words. By the end you'll have a good idea of what the bible is all about.
The Great SecretThe Great Secret
by Maurice Maeterlinck - The Century Co. , 1922
This book, written by Nobel Prize-winner, is the essential text for those seeking the hidden origin of religion and the meaning of life itself. The author explored the world's hidden mysteries for many years until stumbling upon a startling insight.
The Origin of the New TestamentThe Origin of the New Testament
by William Wrede - Harper & brothers , 1909
The present brief treatise on The Origin of the New Testament was originally delivered by the late Professor Wrede to an educated audience of lay folk. The reader will perceive marks of this in the direct personal style of address throughout.
Applied TheologyApplied Theology
by Francis Cassatte Monfort - Monfort & Company , 1904
Theology finds its best use when applied. Every doctrine has its practical side. Thoughts of God suggest duty and privilege. It is the purpose of this book to discuss doctrines with emphasis on their application to practical life.
Theology Explained and DefendedTheology Explained and Defended
by Timothy Dwight - Applewood Books , 2009
With our American Philosophy and Religion series, Applewood reissues many primary sources published throughout American history. Through these books, scholars and students can see the thoughts and beliefs of Americans who came before us.
Five Great Questions of the BibleFive Great Questions of the Bible
by W. A. Criswell - Zondervan Publishing House , 1958
Dr. Criswell answers some gripping questions from the Bible from the Word of God itself. In a series of graphic illustrations from both the Old and New Testaments, the author gives God's answer to these questions from His Word.
Trinity and Reality: An Introduction to the Christian FaithTrinity and Reality: An Introduction to the Christian Faith
by Ralph Allan Smith - Canon Press & Book Service , 2004
The Trinity is the heart of the Christian gospel, but Father, Son, and Holy Spirit seldom occupies that position in contemporary discussions of the Christian worldview. This book helps fill the need by unveiling the Trinity at the center of reality.
Understanding Roman CatholicismUnderstanding Roman Catholicism
by Rick Jones - Chick Publication , 1995
A critique of the Roman Catholic catechism, with extensive quotations from scripture. Written by a former Catholic, this book quotes the main Catholic doctrines from the 1994 Catechism of the Catholic Church, then compares each one with the Bible.
The Theology of HolinessThe Theology of Holiness
by Dougan Clark - Project Gutenberg , 2004
Classic work read by book lovers, students and scholars. Science is a systematic presentation of truth. Theology is the most important of all sciences. It is the science that treats of God and of man in his relation to God.
Sorting Things OutSorting Things Out
by George F. Dole - J Appleseed & Co , 2005
Dole enjoys an honored reputation for spiritual insight and creativity. This volume contains thirty-one of his brief works, chosen for their sharp focus and enduring relevance. Each chapter will help you to sort things out along life's path.
History of DogmaHistory of Dogma
by Adolf von Harnack - Wipf & Stock Publishers , 2001
Adolf von Harnack was a German theologian and church historian. He traced the influence of Hellenistic philosophy on early Christian writing and questioned the authenticity of doctrines that arose in the early Christian church.