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Molecular SpectroscopyMolecular Spectroscopy
by Steve Marsden - chemtopics.com , 2009
Three principal methods of modern spectrographic analysis are to be examined here: Mass Spectroscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, and Infra-Red Spectroscopy. Used in concert, they allow the positive identification of many organic chemicals.
Atomic SpectroscopyAtomic Spectroscopy
by W.C. Martin, W.L. Wiese - National Institute of Standards and Technology , 2003
This text outlines the main concepts of atomic structure, with some emphasis on terminology and notation. Atomic radiation is discussed, in particular the wavelengths, intensities, shapes of spectral lines, and continuous spectra.
Single-Molecule OpticsSingle-Molecule Optics
by Michel Orrit - Universiteit Leiden , 2004
The field of optical spectroscopy covers: investigations of single nano-objects (molecules, nanocrystals, quantum dots, metal particles, etc.). The aim of these lectures is to present the experimental techniques giving access to single objects.

The Theory of Spectra and Atomic Constitution: Three EssaysThe Theory of Spectra and Atomic Constitution: Three Essays
by Niels Bohr - Cambridge University Press , 1922
Three essays deal with the application of the quantum theory to problems of atomic structure: On the spectrum of hydrogen - On the series spectra of the elements - The structure of the atom and the physical and chemical properties of the elements.
Atomic Spectra Vol IIAtomic Spectra Vol II
by A. C. Candler , 1937
Contents - Complex spectra: Combination of several electrons; Short periods; Long periods; Rare earths; Intensity relations; Sum rules and coupling; Series limit; Hyperfine structure; Quadripole radiation; Fluorescent crystals; etc.