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Hindu PhilosophyHindu Philosophy
- Wikipedia , 2014
India has a rich and diverse philosophical tradition dating back to the composition of the Upanisads in the later Vedic period. According to Radhakrishnan, the oldest of these constitute the earliest philosophical compositions of the world.
Zen CultureZen Culture
by Thomas Hoover - Random House , 1977
Hoover provides an excellent introduction to the aesthetics of Japanese culture. Zen History, Zen, Haiku, Ceramics, Archery, Landscape Garden, Stone Garden, Ink Landscape Scroll, Zen Architecture, Sword, Katana, No Theater, Noh Theater, etc.
The Zen ExperienceThe Zen Experience
by Thomas Hoover - Project Gutenberg , 2010
Beginning with Indian Buddhism and Chinese Taoism it shows Zen as it was created by the personalities and actions of its masters over the centuries. With anecdote and memorable quotation, this work restores Zen to its living, human form.
The Wisdom of ConfuciusThe Wisdom of Confucius
by Epiphanius Wilson - Colonial Press , 1900
The strangest figure that meets us in the annals of Oriental thought is that of Confucius. To the popular mind he is the founder of a religion, and yet he has nothing in common with the great religious teachers of the East.

The Analects of ConfuciusThe Analects of Confucius
by Confucius, translated by J. Legge - eBooks@Adelaide , 2004
No other book in the entire history of the world has exerted a greater influence on a larger number of people over a longer period of time than this volume. Confucius, a man of great passion and many enthusiasms, speaks with clarity and brilliance.
Arabic Thought and Its Place in HistoryArabic Thought and Its Place in History
by De Lacy O'Leary - Kegan Paul and Company , 1922
A study of the mutual influence of Arabic and Western worlds during the Middle Ages. It traces the transmission of Greek philosophy and science to the Islamic cultures. The book presents a fascinating portrait of medieval Muslim thought.
Perfect Questions Perfect AnswersPerfect Questions Perfect Answers
by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada - Bhaktivedanta Book Trust , 2001
This is an evaluation copy of the printed version of the book Perfect Questions Perfect Answers. It is a collection of conversations between His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and Bob Cohen, a Peace Corps worker in India.