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Crafting Interpreters: A handbook for making programming languagesCrafting Interpreters: A handbook for making programming languages
by Robert Nystrom - , 2015
This book contains everything you need to implement a full-featured, efficient scripting language. You'll learn both high-level concepts around parsing and semantics and gritty details like bytecode representation and garbage collection.
Compiler ConstructionCompiler Construction
by William M. Waite, Gerhard Goos - Springer , 1996
Our intent is to provide the reader with a firm theoretical basis for compiler construction and sound engineering principles for selecting alternate methods, imple­menting them, and integrating them into a reliable, economically viable product.

Compiler Design in CCompiler Design in C
by Allen I. Holub - Prentice-Hall , 1990
The approach is similar to that taken by Tanenbaum for operating systems in the C-language that implements all algorithms. The book presents the subject of Compiler Design in a way that's understandable to a programmer, rather than a mathematician.
ROSE Compiler FrameworkROSE Compiler Framework
- Wikibooks , 2014
The goal of this book is to have a community documentation providing extensive and up-to-date instructional information about how to use the open-source ROSE compiler framework, developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Implementing Programming LanguagesImplementing Programming Languages
by Aarne Ranta , 2012
This book follows a theory-based practical approach, where theoretical models serve as blueprint for actual coding. The reader is guided to build compilers and interpreters. The solutions are moreover portable to different implementation languages.
Compiler ConstructionCompiler Construction
- Wikibooks , 2011
The purpose of this book is to provide practical advice on writing a compiler, together with some examples of both compilers and interpreters, in order to break away from the concept that building compilers and interpreters are impossible tasks.
Compiler Design: Theory, Tools, and ExamplesCompiler Design: Theory, Tools, and Examples
by Seth D. Bergmann - Rowan University , 2010
This is an introductory level text for compiler design courses, that emphasizes problem solving skills. The concepts are clearly presented with sampler problems and diagrams to illustrate the concepts. The text also covers lex and yacc.
Compilers and Compiler GeneratorsCompilers and Compiler Generators
by P.D. Terry - Rhodes University , 1996
Designed for computer science students studying for a second year course in compilers/programming language translation, this text manages to combine theory, applications and use of compiler writing tools to give a solid introduction to the subject.
Let's Build a Scripting Engine-CompilerLet's Build a Scripting Engine-Compiler
by S. Arbayo , 2010
This is a very hands-on approach to crafting a compiler and it does not follow any pre-defined set of rules. It is the author's intent to take some of the mystery out of what goes into making a working scripting engine - compiler.
Lightweight Compiler TechniquesLightweight Compiler Techniques
by Nils M Holm - Lulu Press , 2006
This book explains compiler construction in simple terms and by means of practical examples, but without avoiding the fundamental theory. It does not stop where other books do, and takes you on a tour through the whole compilation process.
Language Translation Using PCCTS and C++Language Translation Using PCCTS and C++
by Terence John Parr - Automata Publishing Company , 1993
This book is a reference guide for the parser generator ANTLR, ANother Tool for Language Recognition, and the tree-parser generator SORCERER, which is suited to source-to-source translation. It is valuable to scientists, engineers, or programmers.
Bison: The Yacc-compatible Parser GeneratorBison: The Yacc-compatible Parser Generator
by Charles Donnelly, Richard Stallman - Free Software Foundation , 2009
Bison is a general-purpose parser generator that converts an annotated context-free grammar into an LALR(1) or GLR parser for that grammar. You need to be fluent in C or C++ programming in order to use Bison or to understand this manual.
The Power PC Compiler Writer's GuideThe Power PC Compiler Writer's Guide
by Steve Hoxey, at al. - Warthman Associates , 1996
This book describes the code patterns that perform well on PowerPC processors. The book will be particularly helpful to compiler developers and application-code specialists who are already familiar with optimizing compiler technology.
Understanding and Writing CompilersUnderstanding and Writing Compilers
by Richard Bornat - Middlesex University , 2008
This book attempts to explain and demystify the principles of compiler writing so that you can go out and build a working compiler of your own. There is enough detail in this book for you to build a compiler for quite a complicated language.
Using and Porting the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)Using and Porting the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
by Vincent Chung - Free Software Foundation, Inc. , 2001
This manual documents how to run, install and port the GNU compiler, as well as its new features. It corresponds to GCC version 3.0. Only the options for the C, Objective-C, and C++ compilers and those of the GCC core are discussed.
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) InternalsGNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Internals
- Free Software Foundation , 2008
This manual documents the internals of the GNU compilers, including how to port them to new targets and some information about how to write front ends for new languages. It corresponds to the compilers (GCC) version 4.4.0.
Project Oberon - The Design of an Operating System and CompilerProject Oberon - The Design of an Operating System and Compiler
by Niklaus Wirth, Jürg Gutknecht , 2005
Here are the results of Project Oberon, which goal was to design an entire system from scratch. It gives advice on how a system might be built, and demonstrates how one was built. Program listings alone contain the ultimate explanations.
Let's Build a CompilerLet's Build a Compiler
by Jack Crenshaw , 1995
A tutorial on the theory and practice of developing language parsers and compilers. It covers every aspect of compiler construction, programming language design, and building a working compiler. More theoretical aspects of the subject are ignored.
An Introduction to CompilersAn Introduction to Compilers
by Dirk Vermeir - Vrije Universiteit Brussel , 2009
Contents: Introduction; Lexical analysis; Parsing; Checking static semantics; Intermediate code generation; Optimization of intermediate code; Code generation; Introduction to x86 Assembler Programming under Linux; Mc: the Micro-x86 Compiler; etc.
Compiler Construction using Flex and BisonCompiler Construction using Flex and Bison
by Anthony A. Aaby - Walla Walla College , 2004
Guide to compiler construction using tools like Flex and Bison. Using these tools, you can focus on the concept of compiler without the hassle of building a compiler from scratch. You are required to be fluent in C programming.
Compiler ConstructionCompiler Construction
by Niklaus Wirth - Addison-Wesley Pub , 1996
This book has emerged from the author's lecture notes for an introductory course in compiler design at ETH Zürich. This book will try to explain why this subject is considered as important and relevant to computer science students in general.
Basics of Compiler DesignBasics of Compiler Design
by Torben Mogensen - , 2007
The book written for use in an introductory compiler course. It is intended to convey the general picture without going into extreme detail. It should give the students an understanding of how compilers work and the ability to make simple compilers.
Parsing Techniques: A Practical GuideParsing Techniques: A Practical Guide
by Dick Grune, Ceriel J. H. Jacobs - Ellis Horwood Ltd , 1998
This book treats parsing in great depth. It offers a clear and thorough discussion of different parsing techniques with their applications, including error recovery techniques. The text covers almost all parsing methods, not just the popular ones.
The GENTLE Compiler Construction SystemThe GENTLE Compiler Construction System
by Friedrich Wilhelm Schröer - R. Oldenbourg Verlag , 2005
This book presents Gentle, an integrated system for compiler writers. Gentle supports the description of compilers at a very high level and relieves users from the need to deal with implementation details, significantly increasing productivity.