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Effective Chemistry Communication in Informal EnvironmentsEffective Chemistry Communication in Informal Environments
- National Academies Press , 2016
Chemistry plays a critical role in daily life, impacting areas such as consumer products, energy production, etc. Communicating about chemistry in informal environments has the potential to raise public interest and understanding of chemistry.

Innovative Inorganic SynthesisInnovative Inorganic Synthesis
by Duncan H. Gregory - MDPI AG , 2015
The need for new compounds often demands increasingly sophisticated and imaginative synthesis strategies. Equally, the modern societal pressures of cost, safety and environmental protection require new attitudes to the synthesis of chemical products.

Ion Exchange: Studies and ApplicationsIon Exchange: Studies and Applications
by Ayben Kilislioglu (ed.) - InTech , 2015
This book provides broad coverage of ion exchange and its applications. The authors focus on the importance of ion exchange applications such as strengtening dental porcelains, gradient changes in glass refraction, and resins as effective sorbents.

Separation ProcessesSeparation Processes
by C. Judson King - Center for Studies in Higher Education , 1980
This classic text is intended for classes focusing on separation processes, mass-transfer operations, unit operations, and distillations. It will satisfy the unit operations or momentum, heat, and mass transfer core requirements of the curriculum.

Membrane Filtration ProcessesMembrane Filtration Processes
by Michel Jaffrin - Bookboon , 2015
This book describes the various filtration processes using membranes such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis. Fluid mechanics concepts are reviewed in order to permit to describe the flow inside filtration modules.

Momentum, Heat, and Mass TransferMomentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer
by Leo Lue - Bookboon , 2014
This book covers the transport of momentum, heat, and mass in non-equilibrium systems. It derives balance equations for general properties and introduces the concepts of convective and diffusive flux. These are applied to the conservation of mass.

Chemical Engineering VocabularyChemical Engineering Vocabulary
by Maximilian Lackner - Bookboon , 2014
The Chemical Engineering Vocabulary was written for students and young professionals in chemistry, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and economics, who have to do with chemical engineering in an academic or industrial setting.

Glossary of CombustionGlossary of Combustion
by Maximilian Lackner - Bookboon , 2014
More than 2,500 terms from combustion and related fields are described. Relevant expressions were selected, ranging from laboratory applications to large-scale boilers, from experimental research such as spectroscopy to computer simulations.

Process Control FundamentalsProcess Control Fundamentals
- PAControl.com , 2006
Precise control of level, temperature, pressure and flow is important in many process applications. This book introduces you to control in process industries, explains why it is important, and identifies the ways in which precise control is ensured.

by Mohammed A. A. Khalid (ed.) - InTech , 2013
Electrochemistry has been undergoing significant transformations in the last few decades. It is now the province of academics interested in thermodynamic properties of solutions and of industrialists using electrolysis or manufacturing batteries.

Introduction to Chemical Engineering ProcessesIntroduction to Chemical Engineering Processes
- Wikibooks , 2012
This book explains the basic principles behind what chemical engineers do and how they can use powerful tools from physics to solve problems involving steady-state processes. The book is designed as an introduction to the subject.

Advancing DesalinationAdvancing Desalination
by Robert Y. Ning - InTech , 2012
The purpose of desalination is to make water drinkable, or pure enough for industrial applications. This volume touches on Membranes and Systems, Solar Desalination, Reverse Osmosis Process Chemistry and Control, Drinking Water Quality, etc.

Mass Transfer in Chemical Engineering ProcessesMass Transfer in Chemical Engineering Processes
by Jozef MarkoŇ° - InTech , 2011
This book offers several approaches in solving mass transfer problems for different applications: measurements of the diffusion coefficients, estimation of the mass transfer coefficients, mass transfer limitation in separation processes, etc.

Essentials of ChemistryEssentials of Chemistry
by Soren Prip Beier, Peter Dybdahl Hede - BookBoon , 2010
Atoms, chemical bonds and chemical compounds, chemical reaction kinetics, chemical equilibria, acid and base theory and electrochemistry -- all of this is presented to help students get a solid understanding of fundamental and applied chemistry.

Bioethanol: Science and technology of fuel alcoholBioethanol: Science and technology of fuel alcohol
by Graeme M. Walker - BookBoon , 2010
Biofuels play significant roles in decarbonisation of our future energy needs. This book provides a timely overview of biomass-to-bioethanol conversion technologies and is aimed at undergraduate students of biological and environmental sciences.

Applied ElectrochemistryApplied Electrochemistry
by Maurice de Kay Thompson - The MacMillan Company , 1911
This is an account of the most important electrochemical industries, as well as the principal applications of electrochemistry in the laboratory. The plan has been to discuss each subject from the theoretical and from the technical point of view.

Practical Chemistry for Engineering StudentsPractical Chemistry for Engineering Students
by Arthur James Hale - Longmans, Green, and Co. , 1912
The present work, which is essentially for laboratory use, should be found to be a valuable adjunct to the systematic courses of lectures and tutorial classes which the student is expected to attend during his first and second years.

Polymer Science and EngineeringPolymer Science and Engineering
- National Academies , 1994
This book explores the universe of polymers in various fields, such as medicine and biotechnology information and communication, housing and construction, energy and transportation, national defense, and environmental protection.

Fluid Bed Particle ProcessingFluid Bed Particle Processing
by Peter Dybdahl Hede - BookBoon , 2006
The processes and principles of fluid bed wet granulation processes are introduced together with an introduction to the mechanical properties of processed granules. You will learn the basic principles and theory within this important field.

Methods in Industrial Biotechnology for Chemical EngineersMethods in Industrial Biotechnology for Chemical Engineers
by W. B. V. Kandasamy, F. Smarandache - InfoLearnQuest , 2008
In this book, the authors apply some set of fuzzy techniques to chemical industry problems such as finding the right proportion of raw mix to control pollution, to study flow rates, and to find out the better quality of products.

by Author J. C. Jones - BookBoon , 2010
The book on the physical properties of hydrocarbons. It is of interest to students and professionals in chemical engineering, fuel technology and mechanical engineering. The author have used it in a newly set up chemical engineering degree course.

Fundamentals of ThermodynamicsFundamentals of Thermodynamics
by J. Karl Johnson - University of Pittsburgh , 2009
This text will provide the student with basic thermodynamic tools for solving many classes of problems. It is intended for first year chemical engineering graduate students with at least one undergraduate course in classical thermodynamics.

Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering - ExamplesFundamentals of Reaction Engineering - Examples
by Rafael Kandiyoti - BookBoon , 2009
This is the 'Worked Examples' part of the book entitled 'Fundamentals of Reaction Engineering', an introductory text covering the basic elements of reactor design. The focus is on revising the main concepts in the form of problems and their answers.

Fundamentals of Reaction EngineeringFundamentals of Reaction Engineering
by Rafael Kandiyoti - BookBoon , 2009
This is an introductory text covering the basic elements of reactor design. The focus is on simple flow patterns. Material and energy balances have been derived for continuous stirred tank reactors and tubular flow reactors, assuming plug flow.

Fundamentals of Chemical Reaction EngineeringFundamentals of Chemical Reaction Engineering
by Mark E. E. Davis, Robert J. J. Davis - McGraw-Hill , 2003
An introduction to the quantitative treatment of chemical reaction engineering. The book is appropriate for a one-semester undergraduate or first-year graduate course. The text covers both homogeneous and heterogeneous reacting systems.

Synthetic Strategies in ChemistrySynthetic Strategies in Chemistry
by B. Viswanathan - Indian Institute of Technology , 2008
Introduction to synthetic strategies in chemistry, synthetic methods, sol-gel techniques, template based synthesis, micro-emulsion techniques, synthesis by solid state decomposition, strategies for nano materials, electrochemical synthesis, etc.

Coal PyrolysisCoal Pyrolysis
by George R. Gavalas - Elsevier , 1982
The monograph on recent pyrolysis research. Experimental and theoretical aspects are discussed in the light of basic chemical and physical mechanisms. The text is useful to chemists, engineers and graduate students with interests in coal research.

Fundamentals of Air Pollution EngineeringFundamentals of Air Pollution Engineering
by Richard C. Flagan, John H. Seinfeld - Prentice Hall , 1988
The subject of this book is air pollution engineering. The goal is to present a rigorous analysis of the production of air pollutants and their control. The text is intended for use at the senior or first-year graduate level.

Numerical Methods and Modeling for Chemical EngineersNumerical Methods and Modeling for Chemical Engineers
by Mark E. Davis - John Wiley & Sons , 1984
Introduction to the quantitative treatment of differential equations that arise in the area of chemical engineering. The book emphasizes the methods implemented in commercial software to help the engineer gain maximum benefit.

Frontiers in ChemistryFrontiers in Chemistry
by B Viswanathan - National Centre for Catalysis Research , 2007
Performance materials, composite materials, nano materials, silicon substitutes, solar cells, ionic liquids, fuel cells, nuclear energy options, hydrogen energy, energy storage, diagnosis and drug delivery, pollution control, and more.

Elements of X-Ray DiffractionElements of X-Ray Diffraction
by B.D. Cullity - Addison-Wesley , 1956
Intended to acquaint the reader with the theory of x-ray diffraction, the experimental methods involved, and the main applications. It stresses X-ray diffraction rather than metallurgy. Designed for beginners, not a reference for the advanced reader.