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Understanding and Preventing AIDSUnderstanding and Preventing AIDS
by Chris Jennings - Health Alert Communications , 2013
The book answers virtually any question one might have concerning HIV/AIDS by describing the virus, how it infects the blood cells, the mechanics of transmission, where the virus is found and how it can be transmitted from one person to another.
AIDS PreventionAIDS Prevention
by Jean-Michel Lebrun - Eurobarometer , 2006
The HIV/AIDS epidemic has been a key focus for public health recently. In recent years, concerns have been raised in the EU about the threat of a new epidemic. The rate of new infections in some European countries is amongst the highest in the world.
AIDS and Behavior: An Integrated ApproachAIDS and Behavior: An Integrated Approach
by Judith G. Auerbach, at al. - National Academies , 1994
This book provides an update of what investigators in the biobehavioral, psychological, and social sciences have discovered recently about these aspects of the disease and offers specific recommendations for research directions and priorities.

AIDS: The Burdens of HistoryAIDS: The Burdens of History
by Elizabeth Fee, Daniel M. Fox - University of California Press , 1988
The AIDS epidemic has posed more historical questions than any other disease of modern times. The authors hold a variety of opinions on controversial issues. Each essay addresses an aspect of the burdens of history during the AIDS epidemic.
AIDS: The Making of a Chronic DiseaseAIDS: The Making of a Chronic Disease
by Elizabeth Fee, Daniel M. Fox - University of California Press , 1991
The book describes how AIDS has come to be regarded as a chronic disease. A photo essay reveals the strengths of women from various backgrounds who are coping with HIV. An account of the complex relationships of the gay community to AIDS is included.
Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related TermsGlossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms
- AIDSinfo , 2015
Designed as a resource to help health care providers, organizations, and people living with HIV/AIDS and their families and friends understand complex HIV/AIDS terminology. More than 170 new and updated terms, definitions, and abbreviations.