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Version Control by ExampleVersion Control by Example
by Eric Sink - Pyrenean Gold Press , 2011
The book uses practical examples to explain version control with both centralized and decentralized systems. Topics: Basic version control commands and concepts; Introduction to Distributed Version Control Systems; Advanced branching workflows; etc.
The Hudson BookThe Hudson Book
by Manfred Moser, Tim O'Brien - Oracle , 2011
Eclipse Hudson is a widely used, open source continuous integration server providing development teams with a reliable way to monitor changes in source control. The Hudson Book aims to be the authoritative and up to date resource about Hudson.
Mercurial: The Definitive GuideMercurial: The Definitive Guide
by Bryan O'Sullivan - O'Reilly Media , 2009
This book takes you step by step through ways to track, merge, and manage software projects with Mercurial, using Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Solaris. Mercurial is the easiest system to learn when it comes to distributed revision control.
CVS Version Control for Web Site ProjectsCVS Version Control for Web Site Projects
by Sean Dreilinger , 1999
Version control is used to track and manage changes. In our case, CVS version control is used to track any changes made to our web sites, whether it's a single edit of one file to fix a typo, or a series of adjustments where several files are added.

Version Management with CVSVersion Management with CVS
by Per Cederqvist, et al. - Network Theory Ltd. , 2002
This manual describes how to use CVS, a powerful version control system. CVS tracks changes to source code and documents, allowing previous versions to be recovered at any time. CVS is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.
Essential CVSEssential CVS
by Jennifer Vesperman - O'Reilly Media, Inc. , 2006
A complete reference that helps programmers and system administrators apply order to the task of managing large quantities of documents. The book covers basic concepts and usage of CVS, and features a comprehensive reference for CVS commands.
Version Control with SVKVersion Control with SVK
by Michael Brouwer, Russell Brown , 2005
CVS has long been the tool of choice for version control. This book documents SVK version 1.04. It is written for computer-literate folk who want to use SVK to manage their data. Most readers are probably programmers or sysadmins.
Subversion Version ControlSubversion Version Control
by William Nagel - Prentice Hall PTR , 2005
The book introduces you to Subversion, an open-source version control system, which is more powerful and less complex than its predecessor CVS. The author provides useful tips for accomplishing tasks that arise in day-to-day software development.
Version Control with SubversionVersion Control with Subversion
by C.M. Pilato, B. Collins-Sussman, B.W. Fitzpatrick - O'Reilly Media , 2008
The book is written by Subversion open source development team. It introduces the new versioning tool which is the successor to CVS. This tool is more robust, flexible and usable, and it improves on some of the CVS's notable flaws.
Open Source Development with CVS, 3rd EditionOpen Source Development with CVS, 3rd Edition
by Karl Fogel, Moshe Bar - Paraglyph , 2003
The book on development and implementation of open source software using CVS. It explains how CVS affects the architecture and design of applications, covers strategies, third-party tools, scalability, client access limits, server administration.