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Essential PerlEssential Perl
by Nick Parlante - Stanford University , 2002
An introduction to the main features of the Perl language. It's intended for people who know some programming but need an introduction to Perl. Topics: scalar variables, strings, arrays, hash tables, file input and output, regular expressions, etc.
Exploring Programming Language Architecture in PerlExploring Programming Language Architecture in Perl
by Bill Hails , 2010
This book presents an informal and friendly introduction to some of the core ideas in modern computer science, using the programming language Perl as its vehicle. The book takes the form of a series of working interpreters for the language PScheme.
Mastering PerlMastering Perl
by brian d foy - O'Reilly Media , 2007
This book isn't a collection of clever tricks, but a way of thinking about Perl programming so you can integrate the real-life problems of debugging, maintenance, configuration, and other tasks you encounter as a working programmer.

Perl ProgrammingPerl Programming
- Wikibooks , 2012
This books describes and explains Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language), a scripting language that is usually interpreted and is noted for its extensive use of regular expressions and a large module archive CPAN.
Perl 6 ProgrammingPerl 6 Programming
- Wikibooks , 2010
Perl 6 is the sixth edition of the Perl programming language, representing a major backwards-incompatible rewrite of the language. This online book is going to introduce the reader to the Perl 6 language and its many features.
Using Perl 6Using Perl 6
by Jonathan S. Duff, et al. , 2012
This book is primarily for people who want to learn Perl 6. It teaches the basics from a Perl 6 perspective, touching on variable interpolation, datastructure use, object construction, threads, closures, symbol tables, and other core features.
Beginning PerlBeginning Perl
by Curtis 'Ovid' Poe - Wrox , 2012
This book introduces Perl to both new programmers and experienced ones. It presents step-by-step guidance in getting started, a host of try-it-out exercises, real-world examples, and everything necessary for a Perl novice to start with confidence.
Modern PerlModern Perl
by chromatic - Onyx Neon Press , 2010
Modern Perl is one way to describe how experienced and effective Perl 5 programmers work. They use language idioms. They take advantage of the CPAN. They're recognizably Perlish, and they show good craftsmanship and a full understanding of Perl.
Perl 5 InternalsPerl 5 Internals
by Simon Cozens - NetThink , 2001
A three-hour course which provides a hands-on introduction to how the perl interpreter works internally, how to go about testing and fixing bugs in the interpreter, and what the internals are likely to look like in the future of Perl, Perl 6.
Perl for BeginnersPerl for Beginners
by Geoffrey Sampson - BookBoon , 2010
Contents: Introduction; Getting started; Data types; Operators; Branches; Program layout; Built-in functions; Loops; Reading from a file; Pattern matching; Writing to a file; Arrays; Lists; Scalar versus list context; Two-dimensional tables; etc.
Unix and Perl Primer for BiologistsUnix and Perl Primer for Biologists
by Keith Bradnam, Ian Korf - Korf Lab , 2010
We have written a basic introductory course for biologists to learn the essential aspects of the Perl programming language. The course is very much aimed at people with no prior experience in either programming or Unix operating system.
Picking Up PerlPicking Up Perl
by Bradley M. Kuhn - , 2001
The material covered in this book is designed to prepare the reader to enter the world of Perl programming. This book covers the basic data and control structures of Perl, as well as the philosophies behind Perl programming.
Higher-Order Perl: Transforming Programs with ProgramsHigher-Order Perl: Transforming Programs with Programs
by Mark Jason Dominus - Morgan Kaufmann , 2005
Perl incorporates many advanced features that are not well understood and are rarely used by most Perl programmers, but they are very powerful. One of these techniques is writing functions that manufacture or modify other functions.
Practical Perl ProgrammingPractical Perl Programming
by A. D. Marshall - Cardiff School of Computer Science , 2005
Introduction to Perl: variables, arrays, operators, statements, functions, references, input and output, regular expressions, reports, special variables, handling errors and signals, objects, modules, debugging, command-line options, etc.
Perl 5 TutorialPerl 5 Tutorial
by Chan Bernard Ki Hong , 2003
This is a free Perl tutorial that is packed with everything you need to know to get started on Perl programming. Throughout the text there are many examples examples, illustrations and exercises in the form of concept consolidation questions.
Perl 5 Pocket ReferencePerl 5 Pocket Reference
by Johan Vromans, Linda Mui - O'Reilly , 2000
This quick reference provides a complete overview of the Perl programming language. The book covers a summary of Perl syntax rules and a complete list of operators, built-in functions, and standard library modules, all with brief descriptions.
Impatient PerlImpatient Perl
by Greg London - , 2004
This document is for people who either want to learn perl or are already programming in perl and just don't have the patience to scrounge for information. This is also a handy desk reference for some of the more common perl related questions.
Perl for the WebPerl for the Web
by Chris Radcliff - New Riders Press , 2001
Introduces the tools needed to design a dynamic website using Perl programming language. It covers templates, integration, load testing, the need for speed, document management, persistent Perl, good coding style, fas database access and more.
Practical mod_perlPractical mod_perl
by Eric Cholet, Stas Bekman - O'Reilly , 2003
mod_perl is an Apache module that builds the Perl directly into the Apache web server. With mod_perl CGI scripts run 50 times faster, you can integrate databases with the server. The book is about building, using, programming, and optimizing mod_perl.
Embedding Perl in HTML With MasonEmbedding Perl in HTML With Mason
by Dave Rolsky, Ken Williams - O'Reilly , 2002
The text shows how to create large, dynamically driven web sites that look good and are easy to maintain. Mason is a tool for embedding the Perl programming language into text, in order to create text dynamically, most often in HTML.
CGI Programming on the World Wide WebCGI Programming on the World Wide Web
by Shishir Gundavaram - O'Reilly , 1996
A text for expert programmers, it focuses on the CGI specification down to the details. The book explains what CGI does, describes all CGI methods and environment variables, explains how to port Usenet news to the Web with CGI and more.
Beginning PerlBeginning Perl
by Simon Cozens, Peter Wainwright - Wrox Press , 2000
The book on Perl installation, the language elements - references, regular expressions, modules, and basic applied techniques. It teachese how to write CGI scripts to generate web pages, hot to access databases in Perl, and beyond.
Web Client Programming with PerlWeb Client Programming with Perl
by Clinton Wong - O'Reilly , 1997
Covers scripting to the Web, basics browser-server communication, writing Web clients for common tasks automatization, detection of broken links on a website. The book of interest to web administrators, Unix programmers and software developers.
Extreme Programming in PerlExtreme Programming in Perl
by Robert Nagler - O'Reilly Media , 2005
The book takes a fresh look at software development. Business people will learn how XP enables customer-programmer communication for efficient and flexible requirements gathering. Programmers will see how XP allows them to take pride in their craft.
Learning Perl the Hard WayLearning Perl the Hard Way
by Allen B. Downey - Green Tea Press , 2003
The book for people who already know how to program in another language, but don't know Perl. It gets through the basics as quickly as possible, the emphasis is on good programming style in Perl. Object-oriented programming is the center of focus.