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Hydro-Geomorphology: Models and TrendsHydro-Geomorphology: Models and Trends
by Dericks P. Shukla - InTech , 2017
The field of morphology of the Earth provides a basis for exploring, understanding and comprehending the forms and processes that occur in our surrounding. This book presents some of the ideas around the field of geomorphology ...
Geochronology: Methods and Case StudiesGeochronology: Methods and Case Studies
by Nils-Axel Morner (ed.) - InTech , 2014
Chronology is the backbone of history, and there is a saying stating there is no history without a chronology. Earths evolutionary history is built up by geochronology, i.e. time benchmarks upon which the geological history is built up step by step.
Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific NorthwestLiving with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest
by Robert S. Yeats - Oregon State University Press , 2004
Robert Yeats, a leading authority on earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest, describes the threat posed by the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a great earthquake fault which runs for hundreds of miles offshore from British Columbia to northern California.

- Wikipedia , 2014
Earth's magnetic field extends from the Earth's interior to where it meets the solar wind. Contents of the book: Overview; Measuring the field; Field characteristics; Temporal variation; Paleomagnetism; Rock magnetism; Magnetism; People.
by G. Bellini, et al. - arXiv , 2013
We review a new interdisciplinary field between Geology and Physics: the study of the Earth's geo-neutrino flux. We describe competing models for the composition of the Earth, geological insights into the make up of the continental and oceanic crust.
Introductory Geophysical Inverse TheoryIntroductory Geophysical Inverse Theory
by J.A. Scales, M.L. Smith, S. Treitel - Samizdat Press , 2001
Inverse Theory is concerned with the problem of making inferences about physical systems from data. This course is an introduction to some of the balkanized family of techniques and philosophies that reside under the umbrella of inverse theory.
Geodetic Sciences: Observations, Modeling and ApplicationsGeodetic Sciences: Observations, Modeling and Applications
by Shuanggen Jin - InTech , 2013
This presents recent results in space geodetic techniques and sciences, including GNSS, VLBI, gravimetry, geoid, geodetic atmosphere, geodetic geophysics and geodetic mass transport associated with the ocean, hydrology, cryosphere and solid-Earth.
Why could ice ages be unpredictable?Why could ice ages be unpredictable?
by Michel Crucifix - arXiv , 2013
It is commonly accepted that the variations of Earth's orbit and obliquity control the timing of Pleistocene glacial-interglacial cycles. Evidence comes from analysis of palaeoclimate records. However, we do not know how tight this control is.
Tectonics: Recent AdvancesTectonics: Recent Advances
by Evgenii Sharkov (ed.) - InTech , 2012
This book is devoted to different aspects of modern geodynamic processes. The text covers up-to-date materials of detailed geological-geophysical investigations, which can help understand the essence of mechanisms of different tectonic processes.
Statistical Physics of Fracture, Friction and EarthquakeStatistical Physics of Fracture, Friction and Earthquake
by Hikaru Kawamura, et al. - arXiv , 2011
We review our research regarding the dynamics and the statistical properties of earthquakes, mainly from a statistical physical viewpoint. Emphasis is put both on the physics of friction and fracture, and on the statistical physical modelling.
by Damien Closson - InTech , 2011
The present book is restricted to the structure and evolution of the terrestrial lithosphere with dominant emphasis on the continents. Topics: Gondwana history, the tectonics of Europe and the Near East; the tectonics of Siberia; and more.
Essentials of PaleomagnetismEssentials of Paleomagnetism
by Lisa Tauxe - Scripps Institution of Oceanography , 2016
This work is a comprehensive, up-to-date textbook on extracting and using rock and paleomagnetic data in archaeological, geological, and geophysical applications. Designed for students and professionals with knowledge of college level physics.
Applied GeophysicsApplied Geophysics
by Nicholas Rast - Pergamon Press , 1962
A selection of papers published in the Soviet journal Applied Geophysics are being presented to the Western scientists. The intention is to illustrate some of the achievements of the Russian applied geophysicists by translating their publications.
Geodesy for the LaymanGeodesy for the Layman
by Richard K. Burkard - Defense Mapping Agency , 1984
The publication attempts to develop an appreciation of the scope of geodesy and to generate some understanding of the problems encountered in the science. The basic principles are presented through discussions of various geodetic topics.
Observatory SeismologyObservatory Seismology
by J. J. Litehiser - University of California Press , 1990
The papers presented in this book are a distillation of the current state of the art in observatory seismology. Ranging through subjects of past, present, and future seismological interest, they provide a benchmark reference for years to come.
New Theory of the Earth, 2nd EditionNew Theory of the Earth, 2nd Edition
by Don L. Anderson - Cambridge University Press , 2007
Advanced textbook on the origin, composition, and evolution of the Earth's interior: geophysics, geochemistry, dynamics, convection, mineralogy, volcanism, energetics and thermal history. A reference for all researchers in the solid Earth sciences.
Plate TectonicsPlate Tectonics
by Kåre Kullerud , 2003
Introductory flash-based, online book on plate tectonics - the movement of litosphere plates. Students using this book can see continents collide and watch what happens at the mid-ocean ridge. Fantastic full-color illustrations.
Image Estimation by Example: Geophysical Soundings Image ConstructionImage Estimation by Example: Geophysical Soundings Image Construction
by Jon Claerbout, Sergey Fomel - Stanford University , 2008
The book about the estimation and construction of geophysical images, which are used to visualize petroleum and mineral resource prospects, subsurface water, contaminant transport, etc. Data used in this book comes from acoustics and seismology.
Oceanographic and Geophysical TomographyOceanographic and Geophysical Tomography
by Y. Desaubies, A. Tarantola, J. Zinn-Justin - North-Holland , 1990
A review of the tomographic methods for the Solid Earth and the Oceans. The book covers ocean acoustic tomography, inverse methods, seismic numerical modeling, asymptotic theory of normal modes and surface waves, foundation of inverse theory, etc.
Theory of Seismic ImagingTheory of Seismic Imaging
by John Scales - Samizdat Press , 1997
The focus of the book is the imaging of reflection seismic data from controlled sources. The author emphasizes the fundamental physical and mathematical ideas of imaging rather than the details of particular applications.
Greek SeismologyGreek Seismology
by Christopher L. Liner - Samizdat Press , 1997
Earthquake references abound in the ancient Greece and Rome literature, a few writers give the actual earthquake theories. This book gives an interesting story in the history of science: the beginnings of theoretical seismology.
Theoretical GeomechanicsTheoretical Geomechanics
by Marian Ivan - Samizdat Press , 2008
This text presents some theoretical problems related to the continuum mechanics, of particular importance to applied geomechanics, geological engineering and structural geology. The theory of plates and shells is discussed in detail.
Exercises in Active TectonicsExercises in Active Tectonics
by Nicholas Pinter - Prentice Hall , 1996
This set of exercises is designed to accompany any tectonic geomorphology text. Emphasizing the principles and practices of problem- solving, it guide students through research problems and techniques with step-by-step instructions and explanations.
Geodesy and GravityGeodesy and Gravity
by John Wahr - Samizdat Press , 1996
These are class notes for a geophysics course: observational techniques, physical geodesy, stress/strain relations, potential theory, interpretations of observed gravity anomalies, postglacial rebound, earth tides and earth rotation.
Fundamentals of Geophysical Data ProcessingFundamentals of Geophysical Data Processing
by Jon Claerbout - Blackwell Science Inc , 1985
The book about the use of computer programs for the analysis of geophysical data to try to determine the constitution of the Earth's interior, a process which enables a geophysicist to locate petroleum and mineral prospects.
Earth Soundings Analysis: Processing versus InversionEarth Soundings Analysis: Processing versus Inversion
by Jon F. Claerbout - Blackwell Science , 1992
Seismic data acquisition and analysis in the petroleum industry is a multi-billion dollar activity. This text provides a complete introduction to geophysical data processing. A primary aim of this book is to explain the process of inverse modelling.
Basic Earth ImagingBasic Earth Imaging
by Jon F. Claerbout Cecil, Ida Green , 2008
The main theme of Basic Earth Imaging is to take a good quality reflection seismic data set from the Gulf of Mexico and guide you through the basic geophysical data processing steps from raw data to the best-quality final image.
Imaging the Earth's InteriorImaging the Earth's Interior
by Jon F. Claerbout - Blackwell Science Inc , 1985
Prospecting for oil begins with seismic soundings. The echoes are processed into images that reveal the earth's geological history. This book describes the image-making process, it uses the wave equation directly in the image-making process.