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3D Video Processing and Transmission Fundamentals3D Video Processing and Transmission Fundamentals
by Chaminda Hewage - Bookboon , 2014
3D video provides us the sensation of depth by adding a depth dimension to already existing 2D video. This book elaborates on the major components of end-to-end 3D video communication chain and discusses the current issues and potential solutions.
Fundamentals of Image ProcessingFundamentals of Image Processing
by Hany Farid - Dartmouth College , 2010
Contents: Mathematical Foundations; Discrete-Time Signals and Systems; Linear Time-Invariant Systems; Sampling; Digital Filter Design; Photons to Pixels; Point-Wise Operations; Linear Filtering; Non-Linear Filtering; Multi-Scale Transforms; etc.

Digital Image ProcessingDigital Image Processing
by Stefan G. Stanciu - InTech , 2012
This book presents recent advances in digital image processing, with the purpose of providing an insight into the possibilities offered by digital image processing algorithms in various fields. The text is accompanied by graphical representations.
Image Processing in Optical Coherence Tomography using MatlabImage Processing in Optical Coherence Tomography using Matlab
by Robert Koprowski, Zygmunt Wrobel - University of Silesia, , 2011
The book focuses on image processing in Optical Coherence Tomography with the intention to demonstrate innovative approaches and solutions for challenging OCT images analysis. Presented algorithms entirely rely on data derived from OCT instrument.
Getting Started with MakerBotGetting Started with MakerBot
by Bre Pettis, Jay Shergill - O'Reilly Media , 2011
Get a hands-on introduction to the world of personal fabrication with the MakerBot, the easiest and most affordable rapid prototyper available. This book shows you how the MakerBot open source 3D printer democratizes manufacturing.
Image Fusion and Its ApplicationsImage Fusion and Its Applications
by Yufeng Zheng - InTech , 2011
The book provides an overview of basic image fusion techniques and an introduction to image fusion applications in various fields. The book is useful for researchers to capture recent developments and to spark new ideas in image fusion domain.
JPEG: Idea and PracticeJPEG: Idea and Practice
- Wikibooks , 2011
This book explains the JPEG compression method, althoug we have altered the method a little so that it is easier to understand. We explain all the things necessary for making a program that can produce efficiently compressed JPEG files.
Effective Video Coding for Multimedia ApplicationsEffective Video Coding for Multimedia Applications
by Sudhakar Radhakrishnan - InTech , 2011
The book revolves around three different challenges namely (i) Coding strategies (coding efficiency and computational complexity), (ii) Video compression and (iii) Error resilience. The complete efficient video system depends upon source coding.
Digital Image ProcessingDigital Image Processing
by Huiyu Zhou, Jiahua Wu, Jianguo Zhang - BookBoon , 2010
This book introduces the fundamental theories of modern digital image processing including intensity transformations, filtering in the frequency and spatial domain, restoration, colour processing, morphological operations, and segmentation.
Active ContoursActive Contours
by Andrew Blake, Michael Isard - Springer , 2000
'Active Contours' is about the computer analysis of moving video images. The authors develop geometric and probabilistic models for shapes and their dynamics. The models are applied to the real-time analysis of shapes in motion.
Fundamentals of Image ProcessingFundamentals of Image Processing
by I. Young, J. Gerbrands, L. van Vliet - Delft University of Technology , 2009
The book focuses on the fundamental concepts of image processing. We will restrict ourselves to 2D image processing although most of the concepts and techniques that are to be described can be extended easily to three or more dimensions.
Astronomical Image and Data AnalysisAstronomical Image and Data Analysis
by J.-L. Starck, F. Murtagh - Springer , 2006
The book explains how to handle real problems in astronomical data analysis using a modern arsenal of powerful techniques. It treats the methods of image, signal, and data processing that are proving to be both effective and widely relevant.
Image Processing in C: Analyzing and Enhancing Digital ImagesImage Processing in C: Analyzing and Enhancing Digital Images
by Dwayne Philipps - R & D Books , 1997
An image processing tutorial which explains basic concepts, shows results with photographs, and implements programs in C. The book covers filters, edge detectors, and histogram equalizers, print procedures, and I/O routines, which are ready to use.
Image Processing and Data Analysis: The Multiscale ApproachImage Processing and Data Analysis: The Multiscale Approach
by J. Starck, F.D. Murtagh, A. Bijaoui - Cambridge University Press , 1998
An introduction to a range of image-processing techniques with practical examples of applications in electrical engineering, astronomy, physics, and medical imaging. A guide to exciting data-analysis techniques for students and researchers.