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Automata and Rational ExpressionsAutomata and Rational Expressions
by Jacques Sakarovitch - , 2015
From the table of contents: A new look at Kleene's theorem; Rationality and recognisability (Rational expressions); From automata to expressions; From expressions to automata; Changing the monoid; Introducing weights; Notes; References.
Logic and Automata: History and PerspectivesLogic and Automata: History and Perspectives
by Jorg Flum (ed) - Amsterdam University Press , 2007
Mathematical logic and automata theory are two disciplines with a fundamentally close relationship. This book covers many different facets of logic and automata theory, emphasizing the connections to other disciplines such as games, algorithms, etc.

Exploring Discrete DynamicsExploring Discrete Dynamics
by Andrew Wuensche - Luniver Press , 2011
''Exploring Discrete Dynamics'' is a comprehensive guide to studying cellular automata and discrete dynamical networks with the classic software Discrete Dynamics Laboratory (DDLab), widely used in research and education ...
Mathematical Foundations of Automata TheoryMathematical Foundations of Automata Theory
by Jean-Eric Pin , 2012
Contents: Algebraic preliminaries; Semigroups and beyond; Languages and automata; Recognizable and rational sets; Green's relations and local theory; Profinite words; Varieties; Equations and languages; Algebraic characterisations; etc.
Cellular AutomataCellular Automata
- Wikibooks , 2010
This book aims to become a graduate to postgraduate level schoolbook on cellular automata. The book is divided into two parts, covering formalization, well known algorithms, accepted elegant proofs, FAQ, examples, web resources, etc...
Cellular Automata: Simplicity Behind ComplexityCellular Automata: Simplicity Behind Complexity
by Alejandro Salcido - InTech , 2011
Cellular automata make up a class of discrete dynamical systems, which are a core subject in the sciences of complexity due to their conceptual simplicity, easiness of implementation for computer simulation, and their amazingly complex behavior.
Notes on Automata, Logics, Games and AlgebraNotes on Automata, Logics, Games and Algebra
by K Narayan Kumar - Chennai Mathematical Institute , 2007
Contents: Regular Languages and Monoids; Languages via Logical Formulae; MSO to Regular Languages; EF Games and First-order Definability; Schutzenberger's Theorem; Alternating Automata; Buchi Automata; Buchi Games over Infinite Graphs; etc.
Introduction to Quantum Cellular AutomataIntroduction to Quantum Cellular Automata
by B. Aoun, M. Tarifi - arXiv , 2004
In this text the authors attempt to provide a useful introduction to quantum cellular automata from a computing perspective. For clarity and accessibility they provide a brief overview of both quantum computing and classical cellular automata.
Tree Automata Techniques and ApplicationsTree Automata Techniques and Applications
by H. Comon, M. Dauchet, R. Gilleron , 2008
This textbook presents the basics of tree automata, focusing on the operational aspects. It should appeal the reader who wants a simple presentation of the basics, and to see how some variations of tree automata provide a tool for difficult problems.