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Critical Care PhysiologyCritical Care Physiology
by Robert H. Bartlett - MPublishing , 2010
This review of concepts in critical care physiology focuses on monitoring and management, with content limited to discussion of four topics in integrative physiology (oxygen kinetics, fluid and electrolytes, host defences and metabolism / nutrition).
Pain, Its Origin, Conduction, Perception and Diagnostic SignificancePain, Its Origin, Conduction, Perception and Diagnostic Significance
by Richard J. Behan - D. Appleton , 1920
Pain is universal, and is present in practically every disease. The physician needs to know the various factors to which a certain pain may be due, and also the reasons why it should be produced and the different diseases giving rise to pain.
Experimental Physiology and AnatomyExperimental Physiology and Anatomy
by Walter Hollis Eddy - American Book Co. , 1911
This book represents a selection of experimental matter, adapted to the age of elementary students of the subject and which will present the facts of physiology in a concrete form. This is an attempt to place the subject on an experimental basis.

Basic Anatomy and Physiology of Human BodyBasic Anatomy and Physiology of Human Body
by A. O. Osunderu - National Open University of Nigeria , 2008
Anatomy and physiology are closely integrated both theoretically and practically. Anatomical information provides clues about probable functions and physiological mechanisms can be explained only in terms of the underlying anatomy.
TRP Channels: Methods in Signal TransductionTRP Channels: Methods in Signal Transduction
by Michael X. Zhu (ed.) - CRC Press , 2011
A comprehensive review of the field, the book spans the information gap by providing broad coverage of current methods and techniques commonly used in TRP channel research, and detailed protocols with thorough discussions of the methods.
Skeletal Muscle CirculationSkeletal Muscle Circulation
by Ronald J. Korthuis - Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences , 2011
This treatise summarizes the current understanding of the mechanisms for blood flow control to skeletal muscle under resting conditions, how perfusion is elevated to meet the increased demand for oxygen and other substrates during exercise.
Regulation of Tissue OxygenationRegulation of Tissue Oxygenation
by Roland N. Pittman - Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences , 2011
This presentation describes various aspects of the regulation of tissue oxygenation, including the roles of the circulatory system, respiratory system, and blood, the carrier of oxygen within these components of the cardiorespiratory system.
Protein Phosphorylation in Human HealthProtein Phosphorylation in Human Health
by Cai Huang (ed.) - InTech , 2012
The book covers most important research hot points, such as Akt, AMPK and mTOR. Bridges the basic protein phosphorylation pathways with human health and diseases. Detailed and comprehensive text with excellent figure illustration.
Apoptosis and MedicineApoptosis and Medicine
by Tobias M. Ntuli - InTech , 2012
This book introduces the subject of apoptosis to the uninitiated, looks at apoptosis in normal physiology during bone resorption under mechanical stress, and reviews apoptosis in a number of pathological conditions with an emphasis on cancer.
Sex HormonesSex Hormones
by Raghvendra K. Dubey (ed.) - InTech , 2012
This is a systematic and updated overview of the male/female sex-hormones and their impact in the physiology of various organs. Additionally, the book discusses their positive and negative association with the pathophysiology of various diseases.
Molecular Regulation of EndocytosisMolecular Regulation of Endocytosis
by Brian Ceresa (ed.) - InTech , 2012
This volume is a compilation of scientific 'short stories' about the entry of external substances into cells. Endocytosis regulates diverse processes such as homeostasis of the cell, signal transduction, entry of pathogens and viruses.
Iron MetabolismIron Metabolism
by Sarika Arora (ed.) - InTech , 2012
Iron has various functions in the body, including the metabolism of oxygen in a variety of biochemical processes. This book is reviews and summarizes recent developments in our understanding of iron transport and storage in living systems.
Sensory SystemsSensory Systems
by Thomas Haslwanter, at al. - Wikibooks , 2012
The book presents our sensory system from an engineering and information processing point of view. This provides insight in the performance of our senses. It also provides understanding of how our senses transduce external information into signals.
Bone RegenerationBone Regeneration
by Haim Tal - InTech , 2012
There are several modalities of bone regeneration including tissue engineering, guided bone regeneration, distraction ontogenesis, and bone grafting. This book concentrates on the recent outstanding breakthroughs in bone regenerative therapy.
The Cerebral CirculationThe Cerebral Circulation
by Marilyn J. Cipolla - Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences , 2010
This book describes structural and functional properties of the cerebral circulation that are unique to the brain, an organ with high metabolic demands, and the need for tight water and ion homeostasis. Autoregulation is pronounced in the brain ...
Capillary Fluid Exchange: Regulation, Functions, and PathologyCapillary Fluid Exchange: Regulation, Functions, and Pathology
by J. Scallan, V. H. Huxley, R. J. Korthuis - Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences , 2010
The book summarizes our current understanding of the factors involved in the regulation of transcapillary fluid movement, how fluid movements across the endothelial barrier and through the interstitium and lymphatic vessels influence cell function.
Applied PhysiologyApplied Physiology
by Robert Hutchison - Arnold , 1908
In the present book an attempt has been made to apply physiology to medicine in the same way as anatomy has long been applied to surgery. It is not intended to be a substitute for physiological textbooks, but merely a companion to them.
Practical PhysiologyPractical Physiology
by Marcus Seymour Pembrey - Longmans, Green , 1910
Physiology is the basis of medicine. The medical student should undergo a training in practical physiology, for thereby he learns to observe, to draw conclusions from his observations, and to unravel the causes of his failures.
Hand-Book of PhysiologyHand-Book of Physiology
by William Senhouse Kirkes - Murray , 1872
Human physiology is the science which treats of the life of man -- of the way in which he lives, and moves, and has his being. It teaches how man is begotten and born; how he attains maturity; and how he dies. This is a 1872 edition of the book.
Physiology for BeginnersPhysiology for Beginners
by Walter Moore Coleman - MacMillan , 1903
Contents: The Skeleton; The Brain and Nerves; The Breathing; Hygiene of the Lungs; The Blood; Hygiene of the Circulation; Food; Digestion; Stimulants and Narcotics; How we Move; The Covering of the Body; The Special Senses; The Care of the Health.
Applied PhysiologyApplied Physiology
by Frank Overton - American Book Company , 1910
This primary textbook of applied physiology follows a natural order of treatment. In each subject elementary anatomical facts are presented in a manner which impresses function rather than form, and from the form described derives the function.
Mechanosensitivity in Cells and TissuesMechanosensitivity in Cells and Tissues
by Andre Kamkin, Irina Kiseleva - Academia Publishing House Ltd. , 2005
The rapidly growing cache of knowledge has not only provided the new insights into the function of mechanosensitivity in diverse tissues and organs, but has also displayed the potential therapeutic possibilities that arise from this understanding.
Pain and Disability: Clinical, Behavioral, and Public Policy PerspectivesPain and Disability: Clinical, Behavioral, and Public Policy Perspectives
by M. Osterweis, A. Kleinman, D. Mechanic - National Academies Press , 1987
This volume covers the epidemiology and physiology of pain; psychosocial contributions to pain and illness behavior; promising ways of assessing and measuring chronic pain; clinical aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.
New Human PhysiologyNew Human Physiology
by Poul-Erik Paulev - Copenhagen Medical Publishers , 2000
This is a textbook for students of medical physiology and a refresher for medical doctors. It integrates basic topics and the patho-physiological mechanisms governing human life. The book also contains clinical problems for students.
Human PhysiologyHuman Physiology
- Wikibooks , 2007
Human Physiology explains the workings of your body, it is intended as an undergraduate-level guide to the functios of the body systems at a cellular level, and explains how they work together to maintain a favorable environment for your cells.