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Astrodynamics: A Compendium of OrbitologyAstrodynamics: A Compendium of Orbitology
- Wikipedia , 2013
Astrodynamics is the application of celestial mechanics to the practical problems concerning the motion of spacecraft. Contents: Basic Orbital Mechanics; Orbit Types and Geometries; Orbital Elements; Rocket Equations; Interstellar Orbits.
An Introduction to Celestial MechanicsAn Introduction to Celestial Mechanics
by Richard Fitzpatrick - The University of Texas at Austin , 2011
This book will bridge the gap between standard undergraduate treatments of celestial mechanics, which rarely advance beyond two-body orbit theory, and full-blown graduate treatments. A knowledge of elementary Newtonian mechanics is assumed.
Planetary TheoryPlanetary Theory
by Ernest Brown, Clarence Shook - Cambridge University Press , 1933
The purpose of this volume is the development of methods for the calculation of the general orbit of a planet. We attempted to anticipate the difficulties which arise, by setting forth the various devices which may be utilized when needed.
An Introduction to Celestial MechanicsAn Introduction to Celestial Mechanics
by Forest Ray Moulton - The MacMillan Company , 1914
This is an excellent textbook covering not only celestial mechanics, but a wide range of astrophysics topics. The coverage and detail this book deals with is by no means introductory, and is written for the college level student in mathematics.

The Foundations of Celestial MechanicsThe Foundations of Celestial Mechanics
by George W. Collins, II - Pachart Pub House , 2004
The notions of Hamiltonians and Lagrangians are as vital today as they were a century ago and anyone who aspires to a career in astronomy should be exposed to them. There are also items unique to astronomy to which an aspirant should be exposed.
Celestial Mechanics: Notes and WorkCelestial Mechanics: Notes and Work
by J.D. Mireles James - Rutgers University , 2007
These are notes about some elementary topics in celestial mechanics. They focus primarily on numerical methods for studying n-body problems, but they include enough background material so that they are readable outside the context of that course.
Mechanism of the HeavensMechanism of the Heavens
by Mary Somerville - J. Murray , 1831
This book, written in 1831, introduced continental mathematics to english speaking readers for the first time. This led to a revolution in UK mathematics, beginning at Cambridge University where this book became a standard text.
Celestial MechanicsCelestial Mechanics
by J. B. Tatum , 2008
The text covers gravitational field and potential, celestial sphere, time, planetary motions, the two body problem, computation of an ephemeris, astrometry, calculation of orbital elements, perturbation theory, binary stars, and more.
An introductory treatise on the lunar theoryAn introductory treatise on the lunar theory
by Ernest W Brown - Cambridge University Press , 1896
Problem of three bodies, forces on the Moon relative to the Earth, and those on the Sun relative to the centre of mass of the Earth and Moon, force-function and disturbing function usually used, distinction between the lunar and the planetary theories.