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Guts and Brains: An Integrative Approach to the Hominin RecordGuts and Brains: An Integrative Approach to the Hominin Record
by Wil Roebroeks (ed.) - Leiden University Press , 2007
The book discusses the relationship between brain size and diet, diet and social organization, and large brains and the human sexual division of labour. This volume provides an entry into understanding the development of our own species.
In the Light of Evolution: Volume VI: Brain and BehaviorIn the Light of Evolution: Volume VI: Brain and Behavior
by G.F. Striedter, J.C. Avise, F.J. Ayala (eds) - National Academies Press , 2013
The central goal of the series is to promote the evolutionary sciences through state-of-the-art colloquia. This volume focuses on the field of evolutionary neuroscience that now includes a vast array of different approaches, data types, and species.
Thinking Evolutionarily: Evolution Education Across the Life SciencesThinking Evolutionarily: Evolution Education Across the Life Sciences
by Jay B. Labov (ed.) - National Academies Press , 2012
Evolution is the central unifying theme of biology. Yet today, the topic is often relegated to a few class sessions in introductory biology courses, if covered at all. In recent years, a movement is aimed at radically changing this situation ...
Extinct MonstersExtinct Monsters
by H. N. Hutchinson - Chapman & Hall , 1897
The object of this book is to describe some of the larger and more monstrous forms of the past -- the lost creations of the old world; to clothe their dry bones with flesh, and suggest for them backgrounds indicated by the discoveries of geology.

Evolution and Philosophy: An IntroductionEvolution and Philosophy: An Introduction
by John S. Wilkins - The TalkOrigins Archive , 1997
Critics of evolutionary theory very often misunderstand the issues of the philosophy of science. This essay summarises some of the more important recent developments to show that evolution is no worse off philosophically than any other science.
Darwin's Precursors and InfluencesDarwin's Precursors and Influences
by John Wilkins - The TalkOrigins Archive , 2003
It is sometimes claimed by those who wish to denigrate the achievements of Charles Darwin that he was little more than a 'serial plagiarist'. This essay aims to show that Darwin had influences, but that he was honest in his theoretical development.
Introduction to Evolutionary BiologyIntroduction to Evolutionary Biology
by Chris Colby - The TalkOrigins Archive , 1996
Evolution unites all the fields of biology under one theoretical umbrella. This book is a brief introduction to evolutionary biology. The author attempts to explain basics of the theory of evolution and correct many of the misconceptions.
Pioneers of Evolution from Thales to HuxleyPioneers of Evolution from Thales to Huxley
by Edward Clodd - D. Appleton & co. , 1897
This book tells the story of the origin of the Evolution idea in Ionia, and, after long arrest, of the revival of that idea in modern times, when its profound and permanent influence on thought and on human relations and conduct, is apparent.
Probing Human OriginsProbing Human Origins
by Morris Goodman, et al. - American Academy of Arts and Sciences , 2002
The evolutionary origins of humans involved molecular-genetic, organismal-phenotypic, and social changes that increased adaptability to environmental changes. This volume explores different facets of the complex holistic process of human origins.
Statistical Genetics and Evolution of Quantitative TraitsStatistical Genetics and Evolution of Quantitative Traits
by Richard A. Neher, Boris I. Shraiman - arXiv , 2011
This review provides a simplified exposition of the concept and mathematics of Quasi-Linkage Equilibrium (QLE) which is central to the statistical description of genotypes in sexual populations. We discuss under what circumstances QLE is applicable.
The Genetical Theory of Natural SelectionThe Genetical Theory of Natural Selection
by R. A. Fisher - At The Clarendon Press , 1930
Providing a synthesis of Darwinian selection and Mendelian genetics and marking a turning point in the development of evolutionary thought, this work is one of the most frequently cited references in modern evolutionary biology.
Dragons of the air: An account of extinct flying reptilesDragons of the air: An account of extinct flying reptiles
by H. G. Seeley - D. Appleton & co. , 1901
The history of life on the earth unfolds no more wonderful discovery among types of animals which have become extinct than the family of fossils known as flying reptiles. Its coming into existence is among the great mysteries of Nature.
The Evolution of AgingThe Evolution of Aging
by Theodore C. Goldsmith - Azinet LLC , 2006
This book provides a historical review of biological aging theories including underlying evolution and genetics issues and describes exciting recent discoveries and new theories that are causing renewed interest in aging-by-design.
An Illustrated Introduction to the Basic Biological PrinciplesAn Illustrated Introduction to the Basic Biological Principles
by Simon Fu - arXiv , 2009
The author of this paper proposes that the division of internal evolution into DNA/RNA pattern formation (genotype) and protein functional action (phenotype) resolves a universal conflict between fitness and evolvability.
Crossing Over: The Basics of EvolutionCrossing Over: The Basics of Evolution
by Edith Dempster - Human Sciences Research , 2006
This workbook focuses specifically on assisting educators build their own understanding of genes, the mechanisms of inheritance and selection - the basics of evolution. The book uses diagrams, illustrations, text information and activity sheets.
The Descent of ManThe Descent of Man
by Charles Darwin - eBooks@Adelaide , 2004
This landmark work on evolutionary theory marked a turning point in the history of science with its vision of human nature as the product of evolution. Darwin argued that the noblest features of humans were the result of the natural processes.
On the Origin of SpeciesOn the Origin of Species
by Charles Darwin - P.F. Collier & son , 1909
Published amid a firestorm of controversy in 1859, this is a book that changed the world. It offers coherent views of natural selection, adaptation, the struggle for existence, and other concepts that form the foundation of evolutionary theory.
The Voyage of the BeagleThe Voyage of the Beagle
by Charles Darwin - P.F. Collier & son , 1909
This readable book is the product of Darwin's amazing journey aboard the Beagle where he made observations that led to his theory of natural selection. The book is a lively and accessible introduction to the mind of this influential thinker.