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Conformal Field Theory on the PlaneConformal Field Theory on the Plane
by Sylvain Ribault - arXiv , 2014
We provide an introduction to conformal field theory on the plane in the conformal bootstrap approach. We introduce the bootstrap approach to quantum field theory, and how they apply to two-dimensional theories with local conformal symmetry.
Conformal Field Theory, Tensor Categories and Operator AlgebrasConformal Field Theory, Tensor Categories and Operator Algebras
by Yasuyuki Kawahigashi - arXiv , 2015
This is a set of lecture notes on the operator algebraic approach to 2-dimensional conformal field theory. Representation theoretic aspects and connections to vertex operator algebras are emphasized. No knowledge on operator algebras is assumed.
Lecture Notes on Topological Field TheoryLecture Notes on Topological Field Theory
by Jian Qiu - arXiv , 2012
These notes cover some topics in both the perturbative and non-perturbative topological Chern-Simons theory: the quantization of Chern-Simons theory, the use of surgery for computation, brief discussions about framings, eta invariants, etc.

Yang Mills model of interacting particles in the classical field theoryYang Mills model of interacting particles in the classical field theory
by Jean Claude Dutailly - arXiv , 2011
The purpose is to study interacting particles in the General Relativity context, by the principle of least action using purely classical concepts. The particles are described by a state tensor using a Clifford algebra for the kinematic part.
Topological Field TheoryTopological Field Theory
by Graeme Segal - Duke University , 1999
Contents: Topological field theories (The basic structure, The 'toy model' for a finite group, Open Strings, Area-dependent theories); The Index and Determinant of the Dirac Operator; Braided tensor categories; String algebras.
Applied Conformal Field TheoryApplied Conformal Field Theory
by Paul Ginsparg - arXiv , 1988
An elementary introduction to conformal field theory, with some applications to statistical mechanical systems, and fewer to string theory. Contents: Conformal theories; Central charge and the Virasoro algebra; Kac determinant and unitarity; etc.
Classical Field TheoryClassical Field Theory
by Gleb Arutyunov - Utrecht University , 2011
The author introduces the basic methods of classical field theory and applies them in a variety of physical models. Topics: Lorentz-covariant formulation of electromagnetic theory, advanced radiation problems, the Ginzburg-Landau theory, etc.
Advanced Topics in Effective Field TheoryAdvanced Topics in Effective Field Theory
by Andrew E. Blechman - University of Toronto , 2008
This text helps students fill the gap of knowledge between the QFT courses students take when they start graduate work in theoretical physics, and actual research. The book covers the basics of vitally important techniques used in modern research.
Geometry of 2D Topological Field TheoriesGeometry of 2D Topological Field Theories
by Boris Dubrovin - arXiv , 1994
These lecture notes are devoted to the theory of equations of associativity describing geometry of moduli spaces of 2D topological field theories. Topics: WDVV equations and Frobenius manifolds; Polynomial solutions of WDVV; Symmetries of WDVV; etc.
An Introduction to Conformal Field TheoryAn Introduction to Conformal Field Theory
by Matthias R Gaberdiel - arXiv , 1999
A comprehensive introduction to two-dimensional conformal field theory is given. Conformal field theories have been at the center of attention during the last fifteen years since they are relevant for different areas of modern theoretical physics.
Introduction to Symplectic Field TheoryIntroduction to Symplectic Field Theory
by Y. Eliashberg, A. Givental, H. Hofer - arXiv , 2000
We sketch in this article a new theory, which we call Symplectic Field Theory or SFT, which provides an approach to Gromov-Witten invariants of symplectic manifolds and their Lagrangian submanifolds in the spirit of topological field theory.
Introduction to Effective Field TheoryIntroduction to Effective Field Theory
by C. P. Burgess - arXiv , 2007
This review summarizes Effective Field Theory techniques, which are the theoretical tools for exploiting the existence of hierarchies of scale in a physical problem. The general theoretical framework is described, and evaluated for a simple model.
Combinatorial Geometry with Application to Field TheoryCombinatorial Geometry with Application to Field Theory
by Linfan Mao - InfoQuest , 2009
Topics covered in this book include fundamental of mathematical combinatorics, differential Smarandache n-manifolds, combinatorial or differentiable manifolds and submanifolds, Lie multi-groups, combinatorial principal fiber bundles, etc.
Quantum ElectrodynamicsQuantum Electrodynamics
by Ingemar Bengtsson - Stockholms universitet, Fysikum , 2003
Lecture notes for a graduate course in quantum electrodynamics. Contents: What is a field theory; Quantum theory of the free scalar field; Spacetime properties; The Unruh effect; The Dirac field; Quantum theory of the Dirac field; and more.
by Warren Siegel , 2005
It covers classical and quantum field theory, including many recent topics at an introductory yet nontrivial level: supersymmetry, general relativity, supergravity, strings, 1/N expansion in QCD, spacecone, many useful gauges, etc.