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Jenkins: The Definitive GuideJenkins: The Definitive Guide
by John Ferguson Smart - O'Reilly Media , 2011
This complete guide shows you how to automate your build, integration, release, and deployment processes with Jenkins -- and demonstrates how CI can save you time, money, and headaches. Ideal for developers, software architects, and project managers.
NetWorld!: What People are Really Doing on the InternetNetWorld!: What People are Really Doing on the Internet
by David H. Rothman - Prima Communications , 1996
The Net is revolutionizing the way millions of people work, learn, fall in love, create art, do business, make friends, and entertain themselves. Rothman explores this new electronic meeting place, as well as the controversy that threatens it ...

Java with BlueJJava with BlueJ
by Ron McFadyen - University of Winnipeg , 2015
This book introduces the Java programming language. The text assumes the student will be using the BlueJ development environment and provides some introductory BlueJ material. BlueJ provides a good programming environment for the beginner programmer.
OSGi in PracticeOSGi in Practice
by Neil Bartlett - , 2009
Java alone does not support modularity. However, Java's great strength is its flexibility, which has allowed a powerful module system to be built on top. That module system is called OSGi. OSGi is the way to build modular applications in Java.
Spring by ExampleSpring by Example
by David Winterfeldt, Vaan Nila - , 2012
Spring ushers in a new season for Java programming. If you are a Java programmer and have access to a JVM, you can leverage any part of Spring to begin to build applications that are easier to code, test and manage. This book will show you how.
Java Web Application Development With Click FrameworkJava Web Application Development With Click Framework
- Wikibooks , 2011
Click Framework is a modern JEE web application framework, providing a natural rich client style programming model. Click is designed to be very easy to learn and use, with developers getting up and running within a day.
Java Web Programming with EclipseJava Web Programming with Eclipse
by David Turner, Jinseok Chae , 2009
The book introduces students to web application development in Java with the use of Eclipse. It provides instructions on how to construct solutions to various problems. The book assumes a familiarity with HTML and the Java programming language.
Tutorial: Hibernate, Spring, HSQL, Eclipse and MavenTutorial: Hibernate, Spring, HSQL, Eclipse and Maven
by A. Kumaraswamipillai, S. Arulkumaran - , 2010
Tutorials on popular frameworks - Hibernate and Spring. Tutorial 4: Hibernate, HSQL Database, Maven and Eclipse Tutorial. 5: Spring, Hibernate, Maven and Eclipse. Tutorial 6: Spring AOP. Tutorials 1-3: Java, Maven 2, Eclipse and JSF.
Naked ObjectsNaked Objects
by Richard Pawson, Robert Matthews - Wiley , 2002
Naked Objects for Java is an application development framework, designed to let you rapidly develop domain-driven business applications. The aim of this book is to introduce you to the concept of designing business systems from naked objects.
Maven: The Complete ReferenceMaven: The Complete Reference
by Tim O'Brien, at al. - Sonatype, Inc. , 2010
Maven is a build tool, a project management tool, a container for running build tasks. It is a tool that has shown itself indispensable for projects that graduate beyond the simple. This work is the first attempt at a comprehensive title on Maven.
Google App Engine Java ExperimentsGoogle App Engine Java Experiments
by Romin K. Irani , 2010
This book is for Java programmers looking to get started on Google App Engine, as well as App Engine programmers looking to move to Java. The journey begins with a look at the Google Plugin for Eclipse and finishes with a working web application.
Maven by ExampleMaven by Example
by Tim O'Brien, at al. - Sonatype, Inc. , 2010
This work is the first attempt at a comprehensive title on Maven. It builds upon the combined experience and work of the authors of all previous Maven titles, and you should view it as the first edition in a long line of updates to follow.
Repository Management with NexusRepository Management with Nexus
by Tim O'Brien, at al. - Sonatype, Inc. , 2009
Repository managers act as proxies between your organization and the public Maven repositories and they also provide a deployment destination for your own generated artifacts. This book is both a comprehensive reference and an introduction to Nexus.
Maven HandbookMaven Handbook
by Tim O'Brien, Stuart McCulloch - Sonatype, Inc. , 2009
This is an initial pre-alpha version of the Maven Handbook. This handbook covers: Developing OSGi Projects with the PAX Plugin, Scripting Builds with Apache Ant, Scripting Builds with Scala, Scripting Builds with Groovy, and more.
Developing with Eclipse and MavenDeveloping with Eclipse and Maven
by by Tim O'Brien, at al. - Sonatype, Inc. , 2009
This book covers the installation and configuration of the m2eclipse plugin as well as detailing some of the procedures you can use to: Create projects using Maven Archetypes, Check Out a Maven Project from SCM, Import Maven Projects, etc.
JSF JumpstartJSF Jumpstart
by John Ferguson Smart - Wakaleo Consulting Ltd , 2007
This book teaches you how to build dynamic web sites in Java using JavaServer Faces, using a hands-on, practical approach. Little or no prior experience in web development is necessary (though a bit of Java knowledge would help).
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines: Advanced TopicsJava Look and Feel Design Guidelines: Advanced Topics
- Addison-Wesley Professional , 2001
This book provides programmers with the requirements for creating user interfaces using the Java Foundation Classes. The book uses rich color on every page while demonstrating how you can create Java programs that will look great on any computer.
Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) in ActionJava Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) in Action
by Michael Cote , 2005
JAAS is the Java Authentication and Authorization Service bundled in Java SE. This book covers the basics of JAAS, and then goes into how to write database backed versions of JAAS service classes such as Policy, Configuration, and LoginModule.
Java AWT ReferenceJava AWT Reference
by John Zukowski - O'Reilly , 1997
This book provides complete documentation on the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), a collection of classes for building graphical user interfaces in Java. With AWT, you can create windows, draw, work with images, use components like buttons, etc.
Apache Jakarta Commons: Reusable Java ComponentsApache Jakarta Commons: Reusable Java Components
by Will Iverson - Prentice Hall PTR , 2005
The Apache Jakarta Commons project is a collection of freely-reusable Java components. This book is a Java developer's guide to the Apache Jakarta Commons project. It covers the twelve most important Commons packages, with sample program code.
Maven: The Definitive GuideMaven: The Definitive Guide
by Sonatype Company - O'Reilly Media, Inc. , 2008
The book explains how Maven can bring order to your software development projects. Maven is also a project management tool that can run reports, generate a project website, and facilitate communication among members of a working team.
by Matthew Robinson, Pavel Vorobiev - Manning Publications , 2003
Written for the experienced Java developer, Swing provides a guide to getting the most out of Sun's Swing/JFC user interface classes. Mixing code examples and expert advice, the book shows how to use this powerful library in your own projects.
Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines, 2nd EditionJava Look and Feel Design Guidelines, 2nd Edition
by Sun Microsystems Inc. - Addison-Wesley Professional , 2001
The 2nd edition provides information for anyone involved in creating graphical user interface applications and applets in Java. New sections discuss the use of badges in button graphics, smooth interaction, and revised standards for window titles.
Java Native Interface: Programmer's Guide and SpecificationJava Native Interface: Programmer's Guide and Specification
by Sheng Liang - Prentice Hall PTR , 1999
The book documents the latest in native code programming for Java using the Java Native Interface with C/C++. The text is built around 'dos and don'ts', even specifying when you should not use JNI. Written for the experienced Java developer.
Java Application Development on LinuxJava Application Development on Linux
by Carl Albing, Michael Schwarz - Prentice Hall PTR , 2004
The hands-on guide to the full Java application development lifecycle on Linux, written for Java and Linux developers alike. The authors demonstrate the platform, tools, and application development by showing easy-to-follow, realistic examples.