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Deep Space DeadDeep Space Dead
by Edward Chilvers - Smashwords , 2015
Many thousands of years into the future the human race reigns supreme over the galaxy, its colonial starships travelling vast distances to settle new worlds in the furthest star systems. A group of space colonists are trapped on a distant planet ...

The Life, Death and Life of Amelia HollowThe Life, Death and Life of Amelia Hollow
by Edward James Bowman - Smashwords , 2013
In the year 2808 AD, eighteen year-old Amelia gets accepted into Starside Academy: the top United Systems of Mel naval academy. She is the first human to ever be accepted into such an elite academy as the human race is looked down upon by the USM.

Pioneers of the StarsPioneers of the Stars
by Cody Sherer - Smashwords , 2013
This fun-filled and action oriented Science Fiction adventure introduces you to the world of George Jackson. On the run from the Alliance, George does what he can to hide, but his cover is ultimately blown by Alliance Bounty Hunters...

Another Last Flight For CraggyAnother Last Flight For Craggy
by Gary Weston - Smashwords , 2013
Mars continues to turn green and the population is growing like topsy. On the Varlindran ship, they learn of bad news for all of them. It becomes priority to prepare for all out war, but with resources stretched, life becomes hard just to survive.

Star DragonStar Dragon
by Mike Brotherton - Tor Books , 2003
A probe launched in the late twenty-first century to the dwarf nova SS Cygni has sent back hours of video, including a few minutes that show a serpentine form not only twisting lazily but also turning in a purposive way suggestive of intelligence.

by Robert Boyczuk - ManyBooks , 2004
After returning from a thirty-year trade mission, the crew of the Ea wake from cryonic suspension to find that their home world, Bh'Haret, is dead. 'Screamer' satellites have been strung around their planet warning of a plague ...

Deep CrossingDeep Crossing
by E. R. Mason - Smashwords , 2012
No one on Earth could ever convince Adrian Tarn to take a prototype spacecraft deeper into space than anyone had ever been, to retrieve a mysterious artifact never before seen by humans. No one on Earth could ever convince him, but someone did ...

The Making of LegendThe Making of Legend
by Richard Barrs - Smashwords , 2011
Andrew is a darling of the populace and a favorite of the monarchy. When the queen invites him to join the inter-planetary Congress, Andrew lets fly his plans to re-instate a republic, setting in motion a firestorm. He is soon framed for murder.

The Colors of SpaceThe Colors of Space
by Marion Zimmer Bradley - ManyBooks , 1963
The Lhari, the first space faring race, have made contact with humans and established spaceports. There is just one problem; they are keeping the secrets of their space drive to themselves. Humans are resentful and feel like second class citizens.

by Jay Caselberg - ManyBooks , 2009
From Jay Caselberg, an Australian science fiction author, this book tells the story of rival families struggle for supremacy in a binary star system. The characters are described in great detail and the book is very well-written overall.

by James Patrick Kelly - ManyBooks , 2006
Simplicity ain't what it used to be. The tiny planet of Morobe's Pea has been sold, and the new owner has a few ideas. He has renamed it Walden, and voluntary simplicity is now the rule. It will become a rural paradise for everyone...

The Secret of the Ninth PlanetThe Secret of the Ninth Planet
by Donald Allen Wollheim - The John C. Winston Company , 1959
On the day that the theft of the solar system's light begins, Burl Denning is with an expedition in the Andes. The US Air Force has ordered the expedition to investigate the strange phenomenon that is causing a dimness throughout the world.

The Goddess of AtvatabarThe Goddess of Atvatabar
by William Richard Bradshaw - J. F. Douthitt , 1892
'The Goddess of Atvatabar' is full of marvellous adventures on land and sea and in the aerial regions as well. The author has given carte blanche to his imagination. He has created a complete society, with a complete environment suited to it.

Eternity's EndEternity's End
by Jeffrey A. Carver - Tor Science Fiction , 2001
Renwald Legroeder, escaped prisoner, has seen what the government doesn't want anyone to see. This book is a fast-moving high-space epic of complex intrigue, desperate action, and romantic love, set in a daringly imagined far-future universe.

Worlds ApartWorlds Apart
by James Wittenbach - worlds-apart.net , 2007
Fine example of a free on-line science fiction novel. The stories reimagine classic science fiction themes with a quirky style and a cast that includes a smart-mouthed cat, a boy-crazy Artificial Intelligence, a warrior-artist, and a sardonic ghost.

Planet of the DamnedPlanet of the Damned
by Harry Harrison - Bantam Books , 1971
'Planet of the Damned' is classic science fiction and a coming of age story. The hero, Brion, is a young man given his first opportunity to prove his worthiness by trying to save Dis, a horrible planet that seems hell bent on self destruction.

Uranium FistUranium Fist
by Mark Cantrell - ManyBooks , 1993
On the colony world of Greyermede, the populace had grown discontented with rule from an aloof and distant Terran overlord. So began the first stirrings that would explode into the most ancient of human dreams. Great science fiction novel.

by Karl Schroeder - Tor Science Fiction , 2001
A terrifying artificial intelligence scattered seeds of itself throughout the galaxy. Ventus is an epic journey across a planet with two mysteries: why have the winds fallen silent? And is Armiger, or Jordan, carrying a resurrection seed?

Alien DeceptionAlien Deception
by Tony Ruggiero - Dragon Moon Press , 2006
Classic space opera where nothing is as it appears. Caught in the middle of the struggle for Earth domination, two humans unknowingly hold the key which can topple the tyrannical rule of the alien race-if they can stay alive long enough to use it.