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Through the TelescopeThrough the Telescope
by James Baikie - Adam and Charles Black , 1906
The main object is to give a brief and simple description of the most important and interesting facts concerning the heavenly bodies, and to suggest to the general reader how much of the ground thus covered lies open to his personal survey ...
The Practical AstronomerThe Practical Astronomer
by Thomas Dick - Seeley, Burnside, and Seeley , 1845
The work is intended for the information of general readers, especially for those who have acquired a relish for astronomical pursuits, and who wish to become acquainted with the instruments by which celestial observations are made.
Hours With A Three-Inch TelescopeHours With A Three-Inch Telescope
by William Noble - Longmans, Green & Co. , 1887
The following book is a primer of the Three-inch Telescope, and is designed to instruct the very beginner in the use of an instrument of that size, mounted on a common table stand and unprovided with any means of rinding objects by their coordinates.
A Guide To The ConstellationsA Guide To The Constellations
by Samuel G. Barton - McGraw-Hill , 1928
This book has been prepared to meet the requirements of those who desire to become familiar with the constellations. The book, devoted exclusively to naked-eye observational astronomy, may also be a supplement to the regular textbooks on astronomy.

Caldwell CatalogueCaldwell Catalogue
- Wikipedia , 2014
The Caldwell Catalogue is an astronomical catalog of 109 star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies for observation by amateur astronomers. The list was compiled by Sir Patrick Caldwell-Moore, as a complement to the Messier Catalogue.
A Simple Guide to Backyard AstronomyA Simple Guide to Backyard Astronomy
by Carol Beigel , 2008
This guide was written with the complete novice in mind. The idea is to point out wonders of the night sky and where you can find them. Everything is geared to light polluted skies and the few brightest stars that can be seen on the best night...
Observing the Sky from 40NObserving the Sky from 40N
by Roberto Mura - Wikibooks , 2010
This atlas contains a set of 24 maps regulated to the latitude of 40N, as well as information about some double and variable stars and almost 160 deep sky objects. 8 selected areas of the sky suitable for binoculars are displayed in separated maps.
Exoplanet Observing for AmateursExoplanet Observing for Amateurs
by Bruce L. Gary - Reductionist Publications , 2007
This book is for amateurs who want to observe exoplanet transits, and who may eventually participate in exoplanet discoveries. There are many ways for amateurs to have fun with exoplanets; some are educational, others are aimed at new discoveries.
Mag 7 Star Atlas ProjectMag 7 Star Atlas Project
by Andrew L. Johnson , 2007
Star Atlas plotting stars down to Magnitude 7.25, including double-stars and 550 DSOs. This is a full color version including different symbols for DSOs, and a representation of the Milky Way. There are 20 primary charts, and one supplemental chart.
Astronomy with an Opera-glassAstronomy with an Opera-glass
by Garrett Putman Serviss - D. Appleton & co. , 1890
In the pages that follow, the author has endeavored to encourage the study of the heavenly bodies by pointing out some of the interesting and marvelous phenomena of the universe that are visible with little or no assistance from optical instruments.
Observing the Sky from 30SObserving the Sky from 30S
by Roberto Mura - Wikibooks , 2010
This atlas contains a set of 24 maps regulated to the latitude of 30S, similar to those of many important cities in the southern hemisphere, such as Sydney, as well as information about some double and variable stars and almost 160 deep sky objects.
Curiosities of the SkyCuriosities of the Sky
by Garrett Putman Serviss - Harper & Brothers , 1909
Some of the things described in this book are little known to the average reader, while others are well known; but all possess the fascination of whatever is strange, obscure, or mysterious magnified, by the portentous scale of the phenomena.
Astronomy for AmateursAstronomy for Amateurs
by Camille Flammarion - D. Appleton and Company , 1910
The Science of Astronomy is sublime and beautiful. It gives us wings, and bears us through Infinitude. In these ethereal regions all is pure, luminous, and splendid. Dreams of the Ideal, even of the Inaccessible, weave their subtle spells upon us.
Star-Gazer's Hand-BookStar-Gazer's Hand-Book
by Henry William Elson - Sturgis & Walton , 1910
In the first part the author gives the main astronomical facts according to the latest discoveries [1910], but makes no pretense of entering into higher mathematical Astronomy. The second part of the book treats the Constellations.