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An Elementary Introduction to Loop Quantum GravityAn Elementary Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity
by Norbert Bodendorfer - arXiv , 2016
An introduction to loop quantum gravity is given, focussing on the fundamental aspects of the theory, different approaches to the dynamics, as well as possible future directions. It is structured in five lectures, including exercises.
Generally Covariant Quantum TheoryGenerally Covariant Quantum Theory
by Johan Noldus - viXra , 2016
The intention of this book is to dig deep in the first principles of physics and develop a relativistic quantum theory from scratch. By this, I mean a theory for the so-called elementary particles which constitute building blocks of nature ...
Quantum Einstein GravityQuantum Einstein Gravity
by Martin Reuter, Frank Saueressig - arXiv , 2012
We give a pedagogical introduction to the basic ideas and concepts of the Asymptotic Safety program in Quantum Einstein Gravity. Using the continuum approach based upon the effective average action, we summarize the state of the art of the field.
The Spin Foam Approach to Quantum GravityThe Spin Foam Approach to Quantum Gravity
by Alejandro Perez - arXiv , 2012
This article reviews the present status of the spin foam approach to the quantization of gravity. Special attention is payed to the pedagogical presentation of the recently introduced new models for four dimensional quantum gravity.

Singularities and Quantum GravitySingularities and Quantum Gravity
by Martin Bojowald - arXiv , 2007
An overview of the current status of singularities in classical and quantum gravity, starting with the classical singularity theorems. This suggests possible routes for quantum gravity to evade the devastating conclusion of the theorems ...
From Classical To Quantum Gravity: Introduction to Loop Quantum GravityFrom Classical To Quantum Gravity: Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity
by Kristina Giesel, Hanno Sahlmann - arXiv , 2012
An introduction to the canonical quantization of gravity performed in loop quantum gravity. A special feature of this introduction is the inclusion of new proposals for coupling matter to gravity that can be used to deparametrize the theory.
Quantum GravityQuantum Gravity
by Rodrigo Sobreiro - InTech , 2012
This book presents a series of selected chapters written by renowned authors. Each chapter treats gravity and its quantization through known and alternative techniques, aiming a deeper understanding on the quantum nature of gravity.
Emergent Models for Gravity: an overviewEmergent Models for Gravity: an overview
by L. Sindoni - arXiv , 2011
An overview of attempts to describe gravity as an emergent phenomenon, starting from condensed matter physics to more sophisticated pregeometric models. The common line of thought is to view the graviton as a composite particle/collective moode.
Quantum Physics, Relativity, and Complex SpacetimeQuantum Physics, Relativity, and Complex Spacetime
by Gerald Kaiser - University of Massachusetts at Lowell , 2003
A new synthesis of the principles of quantum mechanics and Relativity is proposed in the context of complex differential geometry. The positivity of the energy implies that wave functions and fields can be extended to complex spacetime.
Canonical Transformations in Quantum MechanicsCanonical Transformations in Quantum Mechanics
by Arlen Anderson - arXiv , 1993
Quantum canonical transformations are defined algebraically. This generalizes the quantum canonical transformations to include non-unitary transformations. Their importance for constructing solutions of the Schroedinger equation is discussed.
New Paths Towards Quantum GravityNew Paths Towards Quantum Gravity
by B. Booss-Bavnbek, G. Esposito, M. Lesch - Springer , 2010
The division of the book in two (overlapping) parts reflects the duality between the physical vision and the mathematical construction. This book will benefit everyone working or entering the field of quantum gravity research.
Spin Foam Models for Quantum GravitySpin Foam Models for Quantum Gravity
by Alejandro Perez - arXiv , 2003
In this article we review the present status of the spin foam formulation of non-perturbative quantum gravity. In the first part we present a general introduction to the main ideas emphasizing their motivations from various perspectives.
An Introduction to Quantum GravityAn Introduction to Quantum Gravity
by Bryce S. DeWitt, Giampiero Esposito - arXiv , 2007
The reader is introduced to the functional integral quantization of gravitation and Yang-Mills theory. The text is useful for all Ph.D. students who face the task of learning some basic concepts in quantum gravity in a relatively short time.
Introduction to Loop Quantum GravityIntroduction to Loop Quantum Gravity
by Simone Mercuri - arXiv , 2010
After a description of some general arguments and an introduction to the canonical theory of gravity, the author reviews the background independent approach to quantum gravity, giving only a brief survey of Loop Quantum Gravity.
Loop Quantum GravityLoop Quantum Gravity
by Thomas Thiemann - arXiv , 2006
This is a (relatively) non-technical summary of the status of the quantum dynamics in Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG). We explain in detail the historical evolution of the subject and why the results obtained so far are non-trivial.
Introduction to Modern Canonical Quantum General RelativityIntroduction to Modern Canonical Quantum General Relativity
by Thomas Thiemann - arXiv , 2001
This is an introduction to canonical quantum general relativity, an attempt to define a mathematically rigorous, non-perturbative, background independent theory of Lorentzian quantum gravity in four spacetime dimensions in the continuum.
The Nature of Space and TimeThe Nature of Space and Time
by Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose - arXiv , 1994
Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose put forward their related but rather different viewpoints on the nature of space and time. They discuss their different approaches. A basic knowledge of general relativity and quantum theory is assumed.