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Optical InterferometryOptical Interferometry
by Alexander Banishev, Mithun Bhowmick, Jue Wang - InTech , 2017
This book covers various aspects of optical interferometry including descriptions of novel apparatuses and methods, application interferometry for studying biological objects, surface qualities, materials characterization, and optical testing.
X-ray ScatteringX-ray Scattering
by Alicia Esther Ares (ed.) - InTech , 2017
This book is intended to give overviews of the relevant X-ray scattering techniques, particularly about inelastic X-ray scattering, elastic scattering, grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray scattering, small-angle X-ray scattering, and more.

Molecular Dynamics SimulationMolecular Dynamics Simulation
by Giovanni Ciccotti, Mauro Ferrario, Christof Schuette - MDPI AG , 2014
This book moves from the quantum-statistical description to the validity of classical modeling; it presents some perspectives in the algorithmic and in the enhanced sampling approaches, tackling some longstanding challenges to simulation ...
Photonic CrystalsPhotonic Crystals
by Alireza Bananej (ed.) - InTech , 2015
In photonic circuits photons play the dominant role and they transfer the optical data. With the growth of technology, a new area started to grow as photonic crystals which now play an important role in designing and manufacturing compact devices ...
Interferometry with AtomsInterferometry with Atoms
by J.-F. Schaff, T. Langen, J. Schmiedmayer - arXiv , 2015
Optics and interferometry with matter waves is the art of coherently manipulating the translational motion of particles like atoms. Coherent atom optics is an extension of techniques that were developed for manipulating internal quantum states.
Optical Atomic ClocksOptical Atomic Clocks
by N. Poli, C. W. Oates, P. Gill, G. M. Tino - arXiv , 2014
This paper reviews the history and the state of the art in optical-clock research and addresses the implementation of optical clocks in a possible future redefinition of the SI second as well as in tests of fundamental physics.
Photons, SchmotonsPhotons, Schmotons
by John Baez, Michael Weiss - University of California , 2002
What the heck is a photon, anyway? You need to understand Maxwell's equations and quantum mechanics, and to understand how they fit together. This text won't teach you quantum electrodynamics. But they'll give you a nudge in the right direction.
Linear Response TheoryLinear Response Theory
by Peter Hertel - University of Osnabrueck, Germany , 2005
Contents: Maxwell equations; A simple model; Thermodynamic equilibrium; Perturbing the equilibrium; Dielectric susceptibility; Dispersion relations; Dissipation-fluctuation theorem; Onsager relations; Electro- and magnetooptic effects; etc.
Introduction to Ab Initio Molecular DynamicsIntroduction to Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
by Juerg Hutter - University of Zurich , 2002
The aim of molecular dynamics is to model the detailed microscopic dynamical behavior of many different types of systems. Molecular dynamics is a technique to investigate equilibrium and transport properties of many–body systems.
Atomic and Molecular PhysicsAtomic and Molecular Physics
by Tom Kirchner - York University , 2011
From the table of contents -- Introduction: the field-free Schroedinger hydrogen atom; Atoms in electric fields: the Stark effect; Interaction of atoms with radiation; Brief introduction to relativistic Quantum Mechanics.
Optical Properties of SemiconductorsOptical Properties of Semiconductors
by Jerome Faist - Eidgenossische Technische Hochshule Zurich , 2008
A broad overview of the basic physical processes that govern the interaction between the light and semiconductor. The text shows the richness of the topic and shows the thread connecting the original research of the sixties and today's literature.
Molecular PhysicsMolecular Physics
by Wim Ubachs - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , 2004
From the table of contents: Introduction; Energy levels in molecules -- the quantum structure; Transitions between quantum states; High vibrational levels in the WKB-approximation; Electronic states; Open Shell Molecules.
Optical Properties of SolidsOptical Properties of Solids
by Frederick Wooten - Academic Press , 1972
The present book attempts to fill a need for a fundamental textbook which explains the optical properties of solids. It is meant to explain a number of important concepts rather than present a complete survey of experimental data.
Optical Physics and Quantum ElectronicsOptical Physics and Quantum Electronics
by R. Victor Jones - Harvard University , 2000
Theoretical background needed to understand developments in optical research and photonic technology. Topics presented include wave propagation in anisotropic media; interaction of light with matter; quantization of the radiation field; etc.