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The Keepers of the King's PeaceThe Keepers of the King's Peace
by Edgar Wallace - Project Gutenberg , 2008
Unexpected things happen in the territories of the Belgian Congo where Commissioner Sanders keeps an uneasy peace, aided by his trusty assistant Lieutenant Hamilton. He must deal with ju-ju, religious-palava, lost vials of virulent disease.
Jack O' JudgmentJack O' Judgment
by Edgar Wallace - Project Gutenberg , 2008
He had been shot in his tracks on a night of snow and storm. When the police got him to the mortuary and searched his clothes they found a little tin box of white powder which proved to be cocaine, and a playing card -- the Jack of Clubs.
The Green RustThe Green Rust
by Edgar Wallace - Project Gutenberg , 2008
The chase is on to stop Dr. Van Heerden before he can release the threat of the Green Rust and take over the world in this exciting page-turner, originally published in 1919, from the undisputed King of Thrillers, Edgar Wallace.

The Daffodil MysteryThe Daffodil Mystery
by Edgar Wallace - Project Gutenberg , 2007
The book is set at around the turn of the century in London and Hertfordshire. Readers' notions of likely suspects are cleverly led along until a plot twist turns them on their heads. The murderer is the person most readers will least suspect.
The Clue of the Twisted CandleThe Clue of the Twisted Candle
by Edgar Wallace - Project Gutenberg , 2001
Kara believes that there is a great criminal lost in John Lexman, the detective-story writer involved in a plot more fantastic than any of his own ingenious mysteries. A tense and powerful tale that moves dramatically between London and the Balkans.
The Man Who KnewThe Man Who Knew
by Edgar Wallace - Small, Maynard & Company , 1918
This story of the amazing adventures which come into the life of a diamond merchant, who comes from the mines of South Africa to London, is clever in plot and effective in style. As a writer of detective stories, Wallace occupies an enviable place.
Tam o' the ScootsTam o' the Scoots
by Edgar Wallace - A. L. Burt company , 1919
Adventure novel set on the Western Front during World War I. Lieutenant Bridgeman went out over the German line and strafed a depot. He stayed a while to locate a new gun position and was caught between three strong batteries of Archies.
The Book of All-PowerThe Book of All-Power
by Edgar Wallace - Project Gutenberg , 2008
If a man is not eager for adventure at the age of twenty-two, the enticement of romantic possibilities will never come to him. The chairman looked with a little amusement at the young man who sat on the edge of a chair by the chairman's desk.
The Secret HouseThe Secret House
by Edgar Wallace - A. L. Burt company , 1919
A man stood irresolutely before the imposing portals of Cainbury House, a large office building let out to numerous small tenants, and harbouring, as the indicator on the tiled wall of the vestibule testified, some thirty different professions.
Bones in LondonBones in London
by Edgar Wallace - Project Gutenberg , 2008
The new Director of Schemes Ltd has an elegant office and a theatrically dressed assistant - however Bones, as he is better known, is bored. Luckily there is a slump in the shipping market and it is not long before Joe and Fred pay Bones a visit.
The Angel of TerrorThe Angel of Terror
by Edgar Wallace - Project Gutenberg , 2007
''James Meredith, you have been convicted after a long and patient trial of the awful crime of wilful murder. With the verdict of the jury I am in complete agreement. There is little doubt, after hearing the evidence of the unfortunate lady...''