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Cyberbullying: Where Are We Now?Cyberbullying: Where Are We Now?
by Conor Mc Guckin, Lucie Corcoran - MDPI AG , 2017
Cyberbullying has emerged as a major issue across societies and for schools, parents, and children. Despite some similarities with traditional bullying, there is sufficient difference to warrant this contemporary examination of cyberbullying.
Educational PsychologyEducational Psychology
by Edward L. Thorndike - Teachers college , 1910
The book provides students in advanced courses in educational psychology with material which they would otherwise have to get from lectures at great cost of time. The author applies to a number of educational problems the methods of exact science.

Educational PsychologyEducational Psychology
by Daniel Starch - MacMillan , 1926
The book was prepared according to two fundamental purposes: 1) to present that material which is most useful and relevant to the problems of educational psychology; 2) to maintain a strictly experimental viewpoint in discussing these problems.
Contemporary Educational PsychologyContemporary Educational Psychology
by Kelvin Seifert, at al. - Wikibooks , 2010
This Wikibook is about educational psychology -- the study of how learning and teaching occur in educational settings. Each chapter is dealing with topics, themes, and examples that represent one way of understanding educational psychology.
Educational PsychologyEducational Psychology
by Kelvin Seifert, Rosemary Sutton - Global Text Project , 2009
As a teacher, you will be able to do this by laying groundwork for lifelong learning. You will not teach any one student forever, but you will often work with them long enough to convey a crucial message: that there is much in life to learn.
An Introduction to Educational PsychologyAn Introduction to Educational Psychology
by M. Asch - Sarup & Sons , 2005
Education has benefited much from educational psychology, without whose contributions education would have remained just a philosophy. Education psychology helps in understanding the behaviour of the learners and teachers.
How We ThinkHow We Think
by John Dewey - D. C. Heath & Co. , 1910
A classic book about thinking. Dewey studies thought from the psychological and philosophical points of view and derives practical ideas for education. Useful book whether you are a student, teacher, or just interested in the world around you.