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Cities Safer by DesignCities Safer by Design
by Ben Welle et al. - World Resources Institute , 2015
This is a global reference guide to help cities save lives from traffic fatalities through improved street design and smart urban development. This guide taps examples from cities worldwide and includes 34 different design elements to improve safety.
Commercial Aviation 101Commercial Aviation 101
by Greg Gayden - Smashwords , 2016
The book goes in depth to describe how things work today in the commercial aviation industry. Explanations for current aviation security programs are included in the book. It also reviews the business side of the industry and explains common terms.
Railway Research: Selected Topics on Development, Safety and TechnologyRailway Research: Selected Topics on Development, Safety and Technology
by Krzysztof Zboinski (ed.) - InTech , 2015
This book focuses on selected research problems of contemporary railways: safety and security problems in general, the question of railway infrastructure, modern systems for the technical condition monitoring of railway tracks, etc.

The Best Transportation System in the WorldThe Best Transportation System in the World
by M.H. Rose, B.E. Seely, P.F. Barrett - The Ohio State University Press , 2006
The book focuses on the centrality of government in organizing the nation's transportation industries. Transportation in the US was as much a product of hard-fought politics and litigation as it was a naturally evolving system of engineering.
The Geography of Transport SystemsThe Geography of Transport Systems
by Jean-Paul Rodrigue (ed.) - Routledge , 2013
The third edition provides an overview of the spatial aspects of transportation. This text provides greater discussion of security, energy, green logistics, as well as new and updated case studies, a revised content structure, and new figures.
The Economics of Transportation Systems: A reference for practitionersThe Economics of Transportation Systems: A reference for practitioners
by K. Kockelman, D. Chen, K. Larsen, B. Nichols - The University of Texas , 2013
This Reference is designed to introduce transportation practitioners to the underlying economic realities of their profession. Good engineering judgment, which is vital to defensible and optimal decision-making, relies on good economic judgment.
Studies in the Economics of TransportationStudies in the Economics of Transportation
by M.J. Beckmann, C.B. McGuire, C.B. Winsten - Yale University Press , 1956
Studies relating to two systems, highway traffic and railroad transportation, are offered. The book is addressed to analysts in various professions: economists, traffic and railroad engineers, management scientists, operations researchers, etc.
Transportation EconomicsTransportation Economics
by D. Levinson, D. Gillen, M. Iacono - Wikibooks , 2011
Transport Economics studies the movement of people and goods over space and time. It is located at the intersection of microeconomics and civil engineering. The book is aimed at graduate civil engineering, planning, business, and economics students.
Urban Travel Demand: A Behavioral AnalysisUrban Travel Demand: A Behavioral Analysis
by Tom Domencich, Daniel L. McFadden - North-Holland Publishing , 1975
'Urban Travel Demand' develops a theory of demand for populations of individual economic consumers which we believe is a logical and natural generalization of traditional theory to encompass choice among discrete alternatives.
Climate and Transportation SolutionsClimate and Transportation Solutions
by Daniel Sperling, James S. Cannon - CreateSpace , 2010
The book features the latest thinking from leaders and experts on transportation, energy and climate issues, bringing insights and recommendations from the meeting of Asilomar Conference on Transportation and Energy Policy to a broad audience.
Urban Transportation NetworksUrban Transportation Networks
by Yosef Sheffi - Prentice Hall , 1985
This book describes how the flow pattern throughout an urban network can be determined by modeling two mechanisms -- travel decisions and congestion. The analysis here looks at transportation level of service (or travel disutility) and flows.
Fundamentals of TransportationFundamentals of Transportation
- Wikibooks , 2009
The book is aimed at undergraduate civil engineering students, though the material may provide a useful review for practitioners and graduate students in transportation. The book is divided into three main parts: planning, operations, and design.
Queueing TheoryQueueing Theory
by Ivo Adan, Jacques Resing - Eindhoven University of Technology , 2002
This text treats a number of elementary queueing models. Attention is paid to methods for the analysis of these models, and also to applications of queueing models. Important application areas are production systems, information processing, etc.