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Hack, Hack, Who's There? A Gentle Introduction to Model TheoryHack, Hack, Who's There? A Gentle Introduction to Model Theory
by David Reid - Smashwords , 2016
The skeleton of this book is a science fiction story without the usual mangling of physics. The flesh is composed of non-technical mainstream explanations and examples of the field of mathematics which deals with meaning, called Model Theory.
by Jan Wolenski - ESSLLI , 2002
This text provides the basic information about the metatheory of formal system. It will start with a brief information about propositional calculus and first-order logic. Then, fundamental theorems about elementary logic will be stated and proved.
Model-Theoretic LogicsModel-Theoretic Logics
by J. Barwise, S. Feferman - Springer , 1985
The subject matter of this book constitutes a merging of several directions in general model theory: cardinality quantifiers; infinitary languages; and, finally, that on generalized quantifiers and abstract characterizations of first-order logic.

An Introduction to Good Old Fashioned Model TheoryAn Introduction to Good Old Fashioned Model Theory
by Harold Simmons - The University of Manchester , 2004
Topics covered: Basic ideas of language, satisfaction, and compactness; Some examples of elimination of quantifiers; The diagram technique; Model complete theories, companion theories, existentially closed structures, and various refinements; etc.
Model TheoryModel Theory
by C. Ward Henson - University of South Carolina , 2010
The purpose of this text is to give a thorough introduction to the methods of model theory for first order logic. Model theory is the branch of logic that deals with mathematical structures and the formal languages they interpret.
Fundamentals of Model TheoryFundamentals of Model Theory
by William Weiss, Cherie D'Mello - University of Toronto , 1997
This book provides an introduction to Model Theory which can be used as a text for a reading course or a summer project at the senior undergraduate or graduate level. It is a primer which will give someone a self contained overview of the subject.
Model Theory, Algebra and GeometryModel Theory, Algebra and Geometry
by D. Haskell, A. Pillay, C. Steinhorn - Cambridge University Press , 2000
The book gives the necessary background for the model theory and the mathematics behind the applications. Aimed at graduate students and researchers, it contains surveys by leading experts covering the whole spectrum of contemporary model theory.