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Short StoriesShort Stories
by F. Scott Fitzgerald - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
A sparkling collection that encompasses the full scope of Fitzgerald's short fiction. The fifty-four masterpieces range from early stories that capture the fashion of the times to later ones written after the author's fabled crack-up.
Tender is the NightTender is the Night
by F. Scott Fitzgerald - Feedbooks , 1933
The story of the rise and fall of Dick Diver, a promising young psychoanalyst and his wife, Nicole, who is also one of his patients. This was Fitzgerald's first novel in nine years, and the last that he would complete, published in 1933.
The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald - eBooks@Adelaide , 2007
A true classic of American literature, The Great Gatsby celebrates a heightened sensibility to the promises of life. Fitzgerald's clean, elegant style evokes to perfection the glitter and charm of the Jazz Age, as well as the falseness of its values.

Tales from the Jazz AgeTales from the Jazz Age
by F. Scott Fitzgerald - Charles Scribner's Sons , 1922
Fitzgerald's second short fiction collection includes two masterpieces as well as several other stories from his earlier career. All stories meld his fascination with wealth with an awareness of a larger world, creating a subtle social critique.
The Beautiful and DamnedThe Beautiful and Damned
by F. Scott Fitzgerald - Charles Scribner's Sons , 1922
This novel tells the story of Anthony Patch (a 1920s socialite and presumptive heir to a tycoon's fortune), the relationship with his wife, and alcoholism. The novel provides a portrait of the Eastern elite as the Jazz Age begins its ascent.
This Side of ParadiseThis Side of Paradise
by F. Scott Fitzgerald - Charles Scribner , 1921
Scott Fitzgerald's classic first novel follows Amory Blaine's intellectual, spiritual, and sexual education as he grows up in early 20th century America, during the years following the First World War in Jazz Age New York.
Flappers and PhilosophersFlappers and Philosophers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald - C. Scribner's Sons , 1921
This is a collection of stories from the literary master of the gilded age. Includes The Ice Palace, Bernice Bobs Her Hair, Benediction, The Offshore Pirate, The Cut-Glass Bowl, Dalyrimple Goes Wrong and other classic stories.