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Iterative Methods in Combinatorial OptimizationIterative Methods in Combinatorial Optimization
by Lap Chi Lau, R. Ravi, M. Singh - Cambridge University Press , 2011
This book describes a simple method that is iterative in essence, and useful in a variety of settings for exact and approximate optimization. The authors highlight the commonality and uses of this method to prove a variety of classical results.
Advanced Graph Theory and Combinatorial OptimizationAdvanced Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization
by Alexander Schrijver , 2012
From the table of contents: Shortest trees and branchings; Matchings and covers; Edge-colouring; Multicommodity flows and disjoint paths; Matroids; Perfect matchings in regular bipartite graphs; Minimum circulation of railway stock.

A Course in Combinatorial OptimizationA Course in Combinatorial Optimization
by Alexander Schrijver - University of Amsterdam , 2012
Contents: Shortest paths and trees; Polytopes, polyhedra, Farkas' lemma and linear programming; Matchings and covers in bipartite graphs; Menger's theorem, flows and circulations; Nonbipartite matching; Problems, algorithms and running time; etc.
Combinatorial Optimization: Exact and Approximate AlgorithmsCombinatorial Optimization: Exact and Approximate Algorithms
by Luca Trevisan - Stanford University , 2011
In this course we study algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems, the type of algorithms that arise in countless applications. The following 18 lectures cover topics in approximation algorithms, exact optimization, and online algorithms.