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Twitter Data AnalyticsTwitter Data Analytics
by Shamanth Kumar, Fred Morstatter, Huan Liu - Springer , 2013
Twitter is an example of social media in which researchers can verify their hypotheses, and practitioners can mine interesting patterns. This book takes a reader through the process of harnessing Twitter data to find answers to intriguing questions.
100 Twitter Tips and Marketing Tips100 Twitter Tips and Marketing Tips
by Dan Hollings , 2009
These Tips go from insightful Twitter toddler level to explosive Twitter-bomb advanced. Even if you think you're a Twitter social or business pro, you might want to start from the beginning - this is one hefty shovel full of 'Twitter How-to'.
Tweets About TwitsTweets About Twits
by Frederick Meekins - Smashwords , 2011
Anyone with a computer can comment on the news in a manner as widespread as other prominent media personalities. In this book, the author recalls a number of his most memorable headlines and quips as a longstanding member of the alternative media.

How to Present with Twitter and Other BackchannelsHow to Present with Twitter and Other Backchannels
by Olivia Mitchell - , 2009
Presenting with Twitter can be challenging. Just about every week a new story of a speaker getting roasted on Twitter makes waves in the blogosphere. Olivia Mitchell has written this free book to help you avoid that fate.
The Complete Guide to TwitterThe Complete Guide to Twitter
by Mark O'Neill - , 2009
This guide tackles every Twitter feature, tip and trick you can think of. Learn to work the interface, how to tweet from your desktop, as well as cool Twitter bots and people to follow. This guide will get you a black belt in Twitter in no time.
Twitter EbookTwitter Ebook
by Geekpreneur - , 2008
A geek’s guide to promoting yourself and your online business in 140 characters or less with Twitter. It covers: why you need to join Twitter, how to use it as a mini blog, using Twitter to enhance your online business, Twitter tools.