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The Black ImageThe Black Image
by Fergus Hume - Ward, Lock , 1918
From where the three stood on the ivy-clothed and moss-grown terrace, stretched an oblong space of ground, surrounded by lofty walls of black brick, looking all the more dreary for lack of creeping plants to hide their bareness ...
The Secret PassageThe Secret Passage
by Fergus Hume - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
This well-done murder mystery was acclaimed by the New York Times Book Review. It begins with a rich old woman found death in her chair and not a clue to the murderer. Then so many clues turn up that even the story-book detective is bewildered.
The Crowned SkullThe Crowned Skull
by Fergus Hume - ManyBooks , 1908
This is a murder mystery set on the coast of Cornwall. As the narrative unfolds, all the evidence tells against Sir Hannibal Trevick -- a handsome-but-ageing widower with an aristocratic title to his name but very little money ...

The Mystery of a Hansom CabThe Mystery of a Hansom Cab
by Fergus Hume - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
One of the most popular mysteries in the nineteenth century, apparently even surpassing the sales of Sherlock Holmes books. This forgotten Australian melodrama should appeal to readers interested in the early development of the mystery story.
A Coin of Edward VIIA Coin of Edward VII
by Fergus Hume - G. W. Dillingham Company , 1903
This book is quite up to the level of the high standard which Mr. Hume has set for himself in 'The Mystery of a Hansom Cab' and 'The Rainbow Feather'. It is a brilliant, stirring adventure, showing the author's prodigious inventiveness.