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Rivers of IceRivers of Ice
by Robert Michael Ballantyne - ManyBooks , 1875
On a certain summer morning, about the middle of the present century, a big bluff man, of seafaring aspect, found himself sauntering in a certain street near London Bridge. He was a man of above fifty, but looked under forty...
Jarwin and CuffyJarwin and Cuffy
by Robert Michael Ballantyne - ManyBooks , 1878
A nineteenth century castaway tale told clearly and swiftly for young readers who want a good story without the usual flowerey style that writers of that century favored. R. M. Ballantyne (1825-1894) was a Scottish juvenile fiction writer.

Post HastePost Haste
by Robert Michael Ballantyne - Nisbet , 1880
This tale is founded on facts furnished by the Postmaster-General's Annual Reports, and gathered at the General Post-Office of London and its Branches. It is intended to illustrate the subject of postal work and incident throughout the Kingdom.
The Red Man's RevengeThe Red Man's Revenge
by Robert Michael Ballantyne - ManyBooks , 1880
If ever there was a man who possessed a gem in the form of a daughter of nineteen, that man was Samuel Ravenshaw; and if ever there was a girl who owned a bluff, jovial, fiery, hot-tempered, irascible old father, that girl was Elsie Ravenshaw ...
The Island QueenThe Island Queen
by Robert Michael Ballantyne - ManyBooks , 1885
Pauline, Otto, and Dominick were children cast into the wild South Seas ocean. The brave Rigonda family of England, however, clung to life on their lifeboat despite the demise of the rest of the castaways, searching for a sail in the distance.
The Coral IslandThe Coral Island
by Robert Michael Ballantyne - Ward, Lock & Co. , 1901
Three boys are shipwrecked on a remote South Pacific island, they survive in a sometimes deadly, sometimes beautiful new world. Pirates, cannibals, and sharks are only the part of their adventures. A classic high adventure tale of boyhood courage.