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To Love and Be WiseTo Love and Be Wise
by Josephine Tey - eBooks@Adelaide , 1950
It was rumoured that Hollywood stars would go to any lengths for the privilege of being photographed by the ultra-fashionable portrait photographer Leslie Searle. But what was such a gifted creature doing in such an English village backwater.
The Franchise AffairThe Franchise Affair
by Josephine Tey - eBooks@Adelaide , 2011
Marion Sharpe and her mother seem an unlikely duo to be found on the wrong side of the law ... until the police turn up with a demure young woman on their doorstep accusing them of kidnap and abuse. She can back up her claim ...
The Man in the QueueThe Man in the Queue
by Josephine Tey - eBooks@Adelaide , 2011
Outside a London theatre a throng of people wait for the last performance of a popular musical. But as the doors open at last, something spoils all thought of entertainment: a man in the queue is found murdered by the deadly thrust of a stiletto.
A Shilling for CandlesA Shilling for Candles
by Josephine Tey - eBooks@Adelaide , 2012
Beneath the sea cliffs of the south coast, suicides are a sad but common fact. Yet even the coastguard knows something is wrong when a young film actress is found lying dead on the beach. Inspector Grant has to take a more professional attitude...