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Stop Flushing Your Money Down the DrainStop Flushing Your Money Down the Drain
by David Thyfault - Smashwords , 2015
This book is dedicated to anybody who has ever been evicted, or had the misfortune of foreclosure, job loss, poor money management practices or personal tragedy. If you would like to get a better handle on your finances, then this book is for you.
Financial Planning: A Beginner's GuideFinancial Planning: A Beginner's Guide
by Marc Beaudoin, Philippe Beaudoin, Pierre-Luc Bernier - Smashwords , 2015
This book deals with topics of personal finance (investments, life insurance, retirement planning strategies, etc.) in a warm and humorous manner. Topics are clearly defined and presented in the context of a father and son chat ...
100 Year Concept100 Year Concept
by Rick Wagner - Smashwords , 2014
The 100 Year Concept is about generating wealth on any income. It's about how individuals and businesses can be completely debt-free in nine years or less including their mortgages, and how to ensure they will have a secure retirement income.

Everything You Know About Money is Wrong!Everything You Know About Money is Wrong!
by Jonah Jones - Smashwords , 2013
Debunking the myths and exposing the new rules. A contrarian and skeptical approach is taken to the conventional wisdom about money. The trouble with most financial how-to books is that they are based on the outdated wisdom of the old days ...
Financial Self Defense ProgramFinancial Self Defense Program
by Steve Kanney - Integrated Financial Education , 2013
The book teaches one how to deal with dangerous or life-threatening circumstances. The approach entails relaxing in the face of danger so you can correctly perceive the problem. Then you use certain technical skills to deal with the problem.
Personal Finance in Today's Complex WorldPersonal Finance in Today's Complex World
by Thomas Fredricks - Bookboon , 2013
This book is written to help someone negotiate the world of personal finance. Understanding savings and investments - for the long and short term - need not be a big mystery; nor should it be something the average person is afraid to look into.
A Story of DebtA Story of Debt
by Ashley Riordan - Smashwords , 2012
In November of 2009, I decided to get out of debt. It was really as simple as realizing that I could do it myself. I could stop waiting for a miracle or a disaster, and I could take control of the situation I had created.
Personal FinancePersonal Finance
by Rachel Siegel, Carol Yacht - Flat World Knowledge , 2009
A comprehensive Personal Finance text which includes a wide range of pedagogical aids to keep students engaged and instructors on track. It includes personal finance planning problems with links to solutions, and personal application exercises.
The Science of Getting RichThe Science of Getting Rich
by Wallace Delois Wattles , 1910
The book is about getting rich - not only in terms of money but in every possible way, including relationships and health. The book is quite short and the language is simple. The author doesn't get into philosophies or theories.