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Alroy: The Prince of the CaptivityAlroy: The Prince of the Captivity
by Benjamin Disraeli - M. Walter Dunne , 1833
Probably the first Jewish historical novel ever published. D'Israeli describes David as a young man who was known as a descendant of King David and who was accepted as being the king of the Jews before he proclaimed himself the messiah ...
The Young DukeThe Young Duke
by Benjamin Disraeli - Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley , 1831
The Young Duke (1831) features romanticised depictions of aristocratic life with character sketches of well-known public figures lightly disguised. Benjamin Disraeli was a British Conservative politician, writer, aristocrat and dandy ...
by Benjamin Disraeli - R.B. Johnson , 1904
The book is set against a background of the real political events of the 1830s in England that followed the enactment of the Reform Bill. Disraeli sets out his own beliefs including the need for social justice in a newly industrialized society.

The Voyage of Captain PopanillaThe Voyage of Captain Popanilla
by Benjamin Disraeli - H. Colburn , 1828
There is an island in the Indian Ocean, so unfortunate as not yet to have been visited either by Discovery Ships or Missionary Societies. It is a place where all those things are constantly found which men most desire to see ...
Vivian GreyVivian Grey
by Benjamin Disraeli - The Century Co. , 1906
The story of a young ambitious man who enters the highest political and social circles of Georgian England. Its portrayal of the fashionable world of London and its notorious dandy figures made the book one of the most popular novels of its time.
by Benjamin Disraeli - Henry Colburn , 1837
This story is extremely well written and engaging. It mangles and entangles the histories of Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley so it can not be said to be a true story, but it is a thinly veiled fiction about these two poets.
Tancred: Or, The New CrusadeTancred: Or, The New Crusade
by Benjamin Disraeli - eBooks@Adelaide , 1847
This novel is a part of a sequence sometimes called the Young England trilogy. It is concerned with a religious and even mystical theme: the question of how Judaism and Christianity are to be reconciled, and the Church reborn as a progressive force.