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The Red Rat's DaughterThe Red Rat's Daughter
by Guy Boothby - Ward, Lock and Co. ltd , 1899
John Grantham Browne uttered a cry of horror. The girl had wandered off the path, slipped down the bank, and was now clinging to a tree only a few feet removed from the brink of one of the most terrible precipices along the Norwegian coast ...
The Race of LifeThe Race of Life
by Guy Boothby - F. M. Buckles and Company , 1906
It was nearly nightfall when that little party made their appearance at the head station. Dick had sent the ration cart out some miles to meet them, so that my mother was spared the pain of seeing the body of her husband brought in upon his horse ...
Pharos, The EgyptianPharos, The Egyptian
by Guy Boothby - D. Appleton and Company , 1899
Originally published in 1899, 'Pharos, the Egyptian' is a thriller with romance and supernaturalism. A very sinister old man, Pharos, proves to be Ptahmes, a mummy who has survived through the centuries with full magical powers.

The Childerbridge MysteryThe Childerbridge Mystery
by Guy Boothby - F.V. White , 1902
William Standerton had emigrated to Australia at the age of 15. He decided to return to England, purchase a manor house and retire to comfortable country living. Just prior to departure, something occurs which has a dire effect on those plans ...
A Cabinet SecretA Cabinet Secret
by Guy Boothby - F. V. White , 1901
Witty spy adventure set during the Boer Wars of the late 19th Century. While the War between England and the South African Republics forms the basis of the story, the characters and incidents therein described are purely fictional ...
The Beautiful White DevilThe Beautiful White Devil
by Guy Boothby - D. Appleton and Company , 1897
The last stroke of twelve was just booming out on the muggy night when I stepped on to the landing-stage to await my mysterious employer. The hotel servant who had carried my bag put it down, and having received his gratuity left me ...
The Kidnapped PresidentThe Kidnapped President
by Guy Boothby - Ward, Lock & Co. , 1902
How well I remember the day on which I was appointed fourth officer of the ocean liner Pernambuco, running from London to South America. I should here remark that I held a second officer's certificate, but I was glad enough to take what I could get..
The Mystery of the Clasped HandsThe Mystery of the Clasped Hands
by Guy Boothby - D. Appleton and company , 1901
For a moment after he realized the true state of affairs Godfrey was spellbound with terror. Was it just possible that he would be able to head the horse off from the pit? ... it would be the end of all things as far as Miss Devereux was concerned.
My Strangest CaseMy Strangest Case
by Guy Boothby - L. C. Page & co. , 1901
I am of course prepared to admit that there are prettier places on the face of this earth of ours than Singapore; there are, however, few that are more interesting, and certainly none that can afford a better study of human life and character...
A Bid for FortuneA Bid for Fortune
by Guy Boothby - D. Appleton and Co. , 1895
Richard Hatteras rescues a lovely young woman in distress, the start of a series of events that sees him falling in love and becoming ever more entangled in the machinations of the shadowy Doctor Nikola, who will stop at nothing to steal his prize.
The Lust of HateThe Lust of Hate
by Guy Boothby - ManyBooks , 1898
Mr. Boothby is at his best in this romance, which is characterized by unflagging interest and by most stirring adventures in which Dr. Nikola plays a leading part. 'Dr. Nikola' was considered one of the most thrilling stories ever published.