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The Storm BreaksThe Storm Breaks
by Arthur Gask - Herbert Jenkins Ltd. , 1949
An attractive girl seeks her fortune in London, makes her way into the social world and marries into a titled family. Then, through no fault of her own, she becomes involved in the death of a scoundrel who was attempting to blackmail her ...
The Shadow of LaroseThe Shadow of Larose
by Arthur Gask - The Advertiser , 1930
I had seen the wretch I was following participate in a brutal murder, and every instinct of good citizenship in me was insisting that he should not get away unpunished... Perhaps we waited 30 seconds face to face. His lips had closed tight together.
The Secret of the SandhillsThe Secret of the Sandhills
by Arthur Gask - Herbert Jenkins Ltd. , 1921
His luck was about to change again. It was that same morning at the Post Office that he spotted the girl, a picture of prettiness, and it was also on that morning when he sat down to write a post card which would alter the course of his life ...

The Poisoned GobletThe Poisoned Goblet
by Arthur Gask - The Courier-Mail , 1935
In 'The Poisoned Goblet' Larose takes a hand to thwart the efforts of a gang of men who try to kidnap the child of Lady Ardave and immediately finds himself faced with one of the most puzzling and one of the most hazardous cases of his career.
The Night of the StormThe Night of the Storm
by Arthur Gask - Herbert Jenkins Ltd. , 1937
The man was shot just before half-past ten, and the gardener heard the rifle fired and called out to someone he saw running in the direction of the Priory! Then just after half-past ten, the butler heard the front door of the Priory being shut ...
The Master SpyThe Master Spy
by Arthur Gask - Herbert Jenkins , 1937
Once again we meet the popular Gilbert Larose, this time as an agent of the Secret Service. In this story he provides even more than his usual quota of excitement. Secret Service spy thriller of aircraft secrets being sold to the highest bidder.
The Man of DeathThe Man of Death
by Arthur Gask - Herbert Jenkins , 1949
In the lonely hours upon an unfrequented part of the Norfolk coast a retired professor is living by himself. Gradually he becomes aware that his house which is built on the site of an old church, is being watched. For help he turns to Gilbert Larose.
The Lonely HouseThe Lonely House
by Arthur Gask - Macaulay , 1931
'It was a silent house, as still and silent as the grave.' Larose, a truly classic supersleuth, stumbles over a murder case and is almost done in through the schemes of a cunning doctor. Larose has exciting ways of dealing out quick justice.
The Judgment of LaroseThe Judgment of Larose
by Arthur Gask , 1934
These last three days have been a perfect nightmare for everyone. The place has been full of policemen and detectives, and now, to cap all, we hear that the terrible Gilbert Larose is coming, and that means, so Mr. Slim says, a hanging for someone.
The House on the IslandThe House on the Island
by Arthur Gask - Herbert Jenkins , 1933
From all that is happening around us we may any day, any hour, any one of us, be among the victims of dark crime. The long arm of the law has ceased to function and life and property are now apparently the playthings of any miscreant who comes along.
The Hidden DoorThe Hidden Door
by Arthur Gask - Herbert Jenkins , 1932
During a few short weeks, four persons residing in adjoining towns and villages upon the coast of Suffolk had mysteriously disappeared from their homes, leaving no traces behind them. The local authorities were disinclined to move in the matter ...
The Hangman's KnotThe Hangman's Knot
by Arthur Gask - The Courier-Mail , 1935
Larose is called from retirement to solve a mystery -- a mystery more baffling than those which have made his name. Six murders in seven weeks and Scotland Yard is helpless. The crimes give no clue -- not even a similarity of method to connect them.
The Dark HighwayThe Dark Highway
by Arthur Gask - The Courier Mail , 1928
They were the last words Eli Barton ever spoke. There was a sudden flash of fire from behind the small car -- the loud crack of a revolver fired at close range, and the great cattle king dropped lifeless upon the sands with a bullet in his brain ...
The Beachy Head MurderThe Beachy Head Murder
by Arthur Gask - Herbert Jenkins Ltd. , 1941
The book tells the absorbing story of a crime perpetrated and atoned for, and of the later sequel in which the all but perfect murder was committed. Gilbert Larose, gifted with a profound insight into human nature, however, was not deceived ...
The Red Paste MurdersThe Red Paste Murders
by Arthur Gask - H. Jenkins Ltd. , 1924
My life is so many, many times forfeit to the State that were my hideous secret to become known, even now, after all these years, infuriated crowds would gather at my gate and I should be torn limb from limb without the slightest hope of mercy ...