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Deep Learning TutorialDeep Learning Tutorial
by LISA lab - University of Montreal , 2015
This book will introduce you to some of the most important deep learning algorithms and show you how to run them using Theano. Theano is a python library that makes writing deep learning models easy, and gives the option of training them on a GPU.
Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An OverviewDeep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview
by Juergen Schmidhuber - arXiv , 2014
In recent years, deep artificial neural networks (including recurrent ones) have won numerous contests in pattern recognition and machine learning. This historical survey compactly summarises relevant work, much of it from the previous millennium.
Deep LearningDeep Learning
by Yoshua Bengio, Ian Goodfellow, Aaron Courville - MIT Press , 2014
This book can be useful for the university students learning about machine learning and the practitioners of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data-mining and data science aiming to better understand and take advantage of deep learning.

Neural Networks and Deep LearningNeural Networks and Deep Learning
by Michael Nielsen , 2014
Neural networks and deep learning currently provide the best solutions to many problems in image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing. This book will teach you the core concepts behind neural networks and deep learning.