e-books in Bioinformatics category

Natural Computing and BeyondNatural Computing and Beyond
by Yasuhiro Suzuki, Toshiyuki Nakagaki - Springer , 2013
This volume covers various aspects of natural computing, ranging from computing with slime mold, artificial chemistry, eco-physics, and synthetic biology, to computational aesthetics. (Proceedings in Information and Communications Technology)
Computing LifeComputing Life
- National Institute of Health , 2012
By teaming computers and biology, scientists can answer new and old questions that could offer insights into the fundamental processes that keep us alive. This booklet introduces you to just some of the ways that biologists are computing life.

Bioinformatics: An Introduction for Computer ScientistsBioinformatics: An Introduction for Computer Scientists
by Jacques Cohen - Brandeis University , 2004
The article aims to introduce computer scientists to the new field of bioinformatics. It provides a bird's eye view of the basic concepts in molecular cell biology and describes the kind of algorithms that are necessary to understand cell behavior.
Computational Biology and Applied BioinformaticsComputational Biology and Applied Bioinformatics
by Heitor S. Lopes, Leonardo M. Cruz - InTech , 2011
The rise of a new discipline, bioinformatics, brings together molecular biology, biotechnology and information technology. This book presents some theoretical issues, reviews, and a variety of bioinformatics applications.
Bioinformatics in Tropical Disease ResearchBioinformatics in Tropical Disease Research
by Arthur Gruber, et al. - National Center for Biotechnology Information , 2008
This book is intended to serve both as a textbook for bioinformatics courses and as a base for self-teaching. Each chapter addresses a specific problem in bioinformatics and consists of a theoretical part and a tutorial with practical applications.
Advection, Diffusion and Delivery over a NetworkAdvection, Diffusion and Delivery over a Network
by Luke L. M. Heaton, at al. - arXiv , 2011
We present an algorithm for calculating the exact concentration of resource at any point in space or time, given that the resource in the network is lost or delivered out of the network at a given rate, while being subject to advection and diffusion.
Biological Signal AnalysisBiological Signal Analysis
by Ramaswamy Palaniappan - BookBoon , 2010
This book covers biological signals and digital signal analysis techniques such as conditioning, filtering, feature extraction, classification and statistical validation for solving practical biological signal analysis problems using MATLAB.
Introduction to BioinformaticsIntroduction to Bioinformatics
by Sabu M. Thampi - arXiv , 2009
Bioinformatics is a new discipline that addresses the need to manage and interpret the data that was massively generated by genomic research. This discipline represents the convergence of genomics, biotechnology and information technology.
Large Scale Data Handling in BiologyLarge Scale Data Handling in Biology
by Karol Kozak - BookBoon , 2010
This book is for scientists and students who are learning computational approaches to biology. It covers the data storage system, computational approaches to biological problems, workflow systems, data mining, data visualization, and more.
Calculating the Secrets of LifeCalculating the Secrets of Life
by Eric S. Lander, Michael S. Waterman - National Academies Press , 1995
Leading experts look at how mathematical methods have made possible important discoveries in biology. Explores how differential geometry, topology, and differential mechanics have allowed researchers to unwind and understand DNA's double helix.
Python course in BioinformaticsPython course in Bioinformatics
by Katja Schuerer, Catherine Letondal - Pasteur Institute , 2008
This course is designed for biologists who already have some programming knowledge in other languages. The focus is on biological examples that are used throughout the course, as well as the suggested exercises drawn from the field of biology.
Data Mining in Medical and Biological ResearchData Mining in Medical and Biological Research
by Eugenia G. Giannopoulou - InTech , 2008
This book brings together the most recent advances of data mining research in the promising areas of medicine and biology. It consists of seventeen chapters which describe interesting applications, motivating progress and worthwhile results.