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Managing Modern HealthcareManaging Modern Healthcare
by Mike Bresnen, et al. - Routledge , 2017
The book seeks to draw a number of important and grounded lessons about how management networks influence the spread of management knowledge and practice and how management training relates to the needs of managers facing challenging conditions.
Intensive Care Units (ICUs): Clinical Outcomes, Costs and DecisionmakingIntensive Care Units (ICUs): Clinical Outcomes, Costs and Decisionmaking
by Robert A. Berenson - U.S. Government Printing Office , 1984
This case study has the purpose to present what is currently known about ICUs in terms of the distribution of ICU beds, the costs of maintaining ICUs, the utilization of ICUs, the characteristics of ICU patients, and the outcome of ICU care ...

Investing in the Health and Well-Being of Young AdultsInvesting in the Health and Well-Being of Young Adults
by R.J. Bonnie, C. Stroud, H. Breiner (eds.) - National Academies Press , 2015
This volume describes what is meant by the term young adulthood, who young adults are, what they are doing, and what they need. This study recommends actions to help young adults make a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood ...
Guidelines for HIV Mortality MeasurementGuidelines for HIV Mortality Measurement
- World Health Organization , 2014
Mortality statistics, including causes of death, are the foundation of public health planning, monitoring and evaluation of interventions. Yet, the overwhelming majority of low- and middle-income countries do not have reliable mortality statistics...
Dissecting American Health CareDissecting American Health Care
by Douglas Kamerow - RTI Press , 2011
The intersection of health care, politics, and policy is a controversial one, and this book of lively essays takes on many of today's hot health topics: alternative medicine, health care reform, screening mammograms, taxes to change behavior, etc.
Testing Treatments: Better Research for Better HealthcareTesting Treatments: Better Research for Better Healthcare
by I. Evans, H. Thornton, I. Chalmers, P. Glasziou - Pinter & Martin , 2011
How do we know whether a particular treatment really works? How do we ensure that research into medical treatments best meets the needs of patients? These are just a few of the questions addressed in a lively and informative way in this book.
Medicare and YouMedicare and You
by Centers for Medicare , 2018
This is the official U. S. government Medicare handbook with important information about the following: What's new; Medicare costs; What Medicare covers; Health and prescription drug plans; Your Medicare rights; and more.
Power to the Patient: Selected Health Care Issues and Policy SolutionsPower to the Patient: Selected Health Care Issues and Policy Solutions
by Scott W. Atlas - Hoover Institution Press , 2005
The debate rages on over how to cope with the rising costs of medical care. The authors look at three key elements of health care costs and offer thoughtful, realistic suggestions to help stem the tide of rising expenses for everyone.
Regulating DoctorsRegulating Doctors
by James Johnson, at al. - Civitas , 2000
The conviction of a GP for murdering several of his patients was taken as evidence that something was fundamentally wrong with medical regulation, and both the Government and the General Medical Council (GMC) have conceded that reform is necessary.
Health Reform without Side EffectsHealth Reform without Side Effects
by Mark V. Pauly - Hoover Institution Press , 2010
The author offers a detailed look at the individual insurance market in the US. He explains how it works, suggests improvements that build on what currently works well, and provides a realistic assessment of how much improvement we can expect.
Pain and Disability: Clinical, Behavioral, and Public Policy PerspectivesPain and Disability: Clinical, Behavioral, and Public Policy Perspectives
by M. Osterweis, A. Kleinman, D. Mechanic - National Academies Press , 1987
This volume covers the epidemiology and physiology of pain; psychosocial contributions to pain and illness behavior; promising ways of assessing and measuring chronic pain; clinical aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.
Preventing Chronic Diseases: A Vital InvestmentPreventing Chronic Diseases: A Vital Investment
- World Health Organization , 2005
WHO is launching a global report on chronic diseases, which presents the latest scientific information and makes the case for increased and urgent action for chronic disease prevention and control. The report reviews the burden of chronic diseases.
Power and Illness: The Failure and Future of American Health PolicyPower and Illness: The Failure and Future of American Health Policy
by Daniel M. Fox - University of California Press , 1993
During most of this century, American health policy has emphasized caring for acute conditions rather than managing chronic illness. In this book, Daniel Fox offers a forceful argument for fundamental change in national health care priorities.
Life without Disease: The Pursuit of Medical UtopiaLife without Disease: The Pursuit of Medical Utopia
by William B. Schwartz - University of California Press , 1998
An easy guide to the background of medical therapy and health care delivery, with an extrapolation to the future. Recommended to anyone concerned with health policy and also to practicing doctors who can learn where they fit in the scheme of things.
Taking A Stand On Health CareTaking A Stand On Health Care
by Helen P. Rogers - Wellington Pubns , 1991
The author has chosen to use a question-answer format in order to make the often complex subject matter, easier and more enjoyable to read. Q and A is not a dialogue between real people -- the author has provided the dialogue for both.
AIDS: The Making of a Chronic DiseaseAIDS: The Making of a Chronic Disease
by Elizabeth Fee, Daniel M. Fox - University of California Press , 1991
The book describes how AIDS has come to be regarded as a chronic disease. A photo essay reveals the strengths of women from various backgrounds who are coping with HIV. An account of the complex relationships of the gay community to AIDS is included.
Diabetes in America, 2nd EditionDiabetes in America, 2nd Edition
by Maureen I. Harris - National Diabetes Data Group , 1995
A compilation and assessment of epidemiologic, public health, and clinical data on diabetes and its complications. The book serves as a reliable scientific resource for assessing the scope and impact of diabetes and its complications.
Global Burden of Disease and Risk FactorsGlobal Burden of Disease and Risk Factors
by Alan D. Lopez, Colin D. Mathers, Majid Ezzati - World Bank Publications , 2006
An up-to-date source on the entire global epidemiology of diseases, injuries and risk factors with a complete presentation of results. It includes refined methods to assess data, ensure epidemiological consistency, and summarize the disease burden.