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Children of MenChildren of Men
by Rudolph Edgar Block, Bruno Lessing - McClure Co. , 1903
Originally published in 1903, Children of Men is a collection of short stories, most of which are about sweatshop workers and about the interactions between Jewish immigrants to New York and the Christians that lived in that area.
While the Billy BoilsWhile the Billy Boils
by Henry Lawson - Angus & Robertson Ltd , 1913
A collection of Aussie historical short stories. Like the majority of Australians, Henry Lawson lived in a city, but had had plenty of experience in outback life, in fact, many of his stories reflected his experiences in real life.
The Paperwork RebuttalThe Paperwork Rebuttal
by Daniel Roche - Philistine Press , 2013
A collection of narrative and poetry fused onto U.S. federal and state government documents. These documents include the mental breakdown of an accountant on a Form 1040, an unlikely hero found on a jury duty summons, and a victim of sexual abuse.
Nowhere Else to TurnNowhere Else to Turn
by Matthew Helmke - , 2008
This collection of short stories explores specific instances of involvement with or belief in the supernatural in a North African country. The tales, all claiming to be true, were collected over several years while the author was living in Morocco.

Other Sides: 12 Webfiction TalesOther Sides: 12 Webfiction Tales
by Zoe E. Whitten, et al. - Feedbooks , 2010
The advent of digital publishing has seen the rise of a new breed of writers. This brand new anthology features a small sampling of these very writers, in a speculative fiction collection that will capture the imagination and dazzle the senses.
The Sketch Book of Geoffrey CrayonThe Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon
by Washington Irving - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Washington Irving explores the uneasy relationship of an American writer to English literary traditions. In two sketches, he experiments with tales transplanted from Europe, thereby creating the first classic American short stories ...
Password IncorrectPassword Incorrect
by Nick Name - Feedbooks , 2008
A collection of tech-fiction short stories. Designed to be a perfect mobile reading for geeks, who from time to time desperately need to recover from tech-related stress, the one which says hello when you don't remember the password to your account.
A Bundle of YarnsA Bundle of Yarns
by Fred W. Shibley - Providence , 1899
An odd and unique 'bundle' of short stories, some written in the first person other in the third-person. They tell of life in Rhode Island in the early 1800's. Written in the vernacular of New England speech, it makes for an interesting read.
Amusement OnlyAmusement Only
by Richard Marsh - Hurst & Blackett , 1901
Famed dark novelist Richard Marsh collections a series of stories that are interlinked, dark, mysterious yet with an air of romance. Reviewed by some as folly and others as pure genius. Exciting and fast paced, this is an easy book to read through.
How to Dump Your Boyfriend in the Men's RoomHow to Dump Your Boyfriend in the Men's Room
by Sibel Hodge - Feedbooks , 2011
I'm an author of chick lit romances and mysteries. This is a collection of five humorous short stories -- what I like to call true fiction. Some are true, some are fiction, and some are a mixture of both. I guess you have to decide which is which!
by Daniel Brako - eBookIt , 2011
Microstories is a collection of 44 bite-sized tales, designed to inspire, entertain and inform. Each Microstory is accompanied by a spiritual summary that can be used as a meditative statement. The stories and summaries are all self-contained.
by Jess C Scott - CreateSpace , 2010
A collection of new and previously published short stories, poems, essays, and artwork, by Jess C Scott. Porcelain offers a personal draft of the author's navigation through a world that is fantastical, offbeat, ironic, unexpected, and true.
Devil StoriesDevil Stories
by Maximilian J. Rudwin - Alfred A. Knopf, Inc , 1921
Of all the myths which have come down to us from the East, and of all the creations of Western belief, the personality of evil has had the strongest attraction for the mind of man. The Devil is the greatest enigma that has ever confronted us.
The Book of Dreams and GhostsThe Book of Dreams and Ghosts
by Andrew Lang - Project Gutenberg , 2004
Stories for the ghost hunter out there. The purpose of the book is to entertain people interested in the kind of narratives here collected. The stories are classed in grades, advancing from the normal and familiar to the undeniably startling.
Stranger Things Happen: StoriesStranger Things Happen: Stories
by Kelly Link - Small Beer Press , 2001
This is the first collection by award-winning author Kelly Link. These eleven extraordinary stories are quirky, spooky, and smart. They all have happy endings. Every story contains a secret prize. Each story was written especially for you.
The Baum Plan for Financial Independence: and Other StoriesThe Baum Plan for Financial Independence: and Other Stories
by John Kessel - Small Beer Press , 2008
From the seductive relationships of people of questionable virtue, to encounters with Frankenstein, to Matriarchal lunar colonies, it's a collection with something for fiction readers of every genre. These stories deliver a powerful emotional punch.
Mothers & Other MonstersMothers & Other Monsters
by Maureen F. McHugh - Small Beer Press , 2008
These stories offer poignant and sometimes heartwrenching explorations of personal relationships and their transformative power. Each story in this collection meditates in its own, odd way on the dynamics of families and the vagaries of being human.
The Ant King and Other StoriesThe Ant King and Other Stories
by Benjamin Rosenbaum - Small Beer Press , 2008
A dazzling, postmodern collection of pulp and surreal fictions: a writer of alternate histories defends his patron's zeppelin against assassins and pirates, a woman transforms into gumballs; an emancipated children's collective goes house hunting.
Magic for BeginnersMagic for Beginners
by Kelly Link - Jelly Ink Press , 2005
Selected as a best book of the year by Time Magazine, Salon, BoldType, and PopMatters. The nine stories are blends of quirky humor and pathos that transform stock themes of genre fiction into the stuff of delicate lyrical fantasy.
The Entire Original Maupassant Short StoriesThe Entire Original Maupassant Short Stories
by Guy de Maupassant - Project Gutenberg , 2004
During his brief ten years career, Maupassant produced poetry, romances and novels, with the fertility of a master hand, to sink prematurely into the abyss of madness and death. This book contains all thirteen volumes of his original short stories.