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Functional PHPFunctional PHP
by Luis Atencio - Leanpub , 2016
I provide a practical approach to functional programming and show how it compares to other programming paradigms. The book is filled with examples that showcase functional concepts, plus using PHP in a ways you've probably never though it could.
PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute BeginnerPHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner
by Vikram Vaswani - Zend Developer Zone , 2014
This book caters for the absolute beginners to the intermediate and advanced PHP developers. It takes you through from what is a variable to a nice snippet the author found on backing up a databases or their individual individual tables.
PHP ProgrammingPHP Programming
by Penn Wu - The Global Text Project , 2014
You can learn PHP programming language by understanding how its primary functions work, how it interacts with HTML, and how its nature of being a server-side scripting language differs from a client-side language, such as JavaScript.

Code Bright for Laravel PHPCode Bright for Laravel PHP
by Dayle Rees - , 2014
Laravel Code Bright will contain a complete learning experience for all of the framework's features. The style of writing will make it approachable for beginners, and a wonderful reference resource for experienced developers alike.
PHP with Guru99PHP with Guru99
by Krishna Rungta - guru99 , 2013
PHP is a serverside scripting language. This book is designed for beginners with little or no PHP experience. Apart from teaching the PHP syntax, this book also gives you steps to create a sample project (Ajax Based Poll Application).
Code HappyCode Happy
by Dayle Rees - , 2012
Application development with the Laravel PHP Framework for beginners. This book is a guide to many of the core features of the Laravel framework, along with a tutorial explaining how to create a simple blog from the ground up.
PHP: The Right WayPHP: The Right Way
by Josh Lockhart - , 2012
There's a lot of outdated information on the Web that leads new PHP users astray, propagating bad practices and bad code. This must stop. PHP: The Right Way is an easy-to-read, quick reference for PHP best practices and accepted coding standards.
PHP Best PracticesPHP Best Practices
by Alex Cabal - , 2012
This text is an attempt to compile a set of instructions for what can be considered best practices for common and confusing issues and tasks in PHP. It's a guide suggesting the best direction to take when facing one of the common low-level tasks.
PHP ProgrammingPHP Programming
- Wikibooks , 2012
A comprehensive guide to programming in PHP. Topics: Learning the Language - basics; Advanced PHP - Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Templating, Libraries, Frameworks, Security, Command-Line Interface (CLI); etc.
More with symfonyMore with symfony
by Fabien Potencier, Ryan Weaver - Sensio SA , 2009
A book about more advanced symfony topics. If you've ever wanted to know how symfony works under the hood or if you'd like to extend the framework in various ways to make it work for your specific needs, this book is for you.
A Gentle Introduction to symfonyA Gentle Introduction to symfony
by Francois Zaninotto, Fabien Potencier - Sensio SA , 2010
A Gentle Introduction to symfony introduces you to the leading framework for PHP developers, showing you how to wield its many features to develop web applications faster and more efficiently, even if you only know a bit of PHP.
Practical PHP TestingPractical PHP Testing
by Giorgio Sironi , 2009
This practical testing book is aimed to all PHP developers. The book will help you grasp the fundamentals of TDD (Test-Driven Development) and its advantages: testable code, effective test suite and the good design that ensues.
Doctrine ORM for PHPDoctrine ORM for PHP
by Jonathan H. Wage, Konsta Vesterinen - Sensio SA , 2010
Doctrine is an object relational mapper (ORM) for PHP that sits on top of a powerful database abstraction layer. This guide is the main source of documentation for the project. It is a reference book that can be read from start to finish.
Developing PHP Applications for IBM Data ServersDeveloping PHP Applications for IBM Data Servers
- IBM Redbooks , 2006
The book provides lots of information for developers, including code samples for creating PHP applications with DB2, Informix Dynamic Server, and Cloudscape. We use the latest PHP data access extensions including: PHP Data Objects and ibm_db2.
The Oracle PHP CookbookThe Oracle PHP Cookbook
by John Alphonse, Justin Kestelyn - Oracle , 2009
If you are looking to combine the robustness of the Oracle engine with the simplicity, performance, and ease-of-use of PHP, you are bound to find several interesting recipes here, that will help you take full advantage of both technologies.
PHP Security GuidePHP Security Guide
- PHP Security Consortium , 2005
This guide is the flagship project of the PHP Security Consortium, an international group dedicated to promoting secure programming practices. The guide offers information pertaining to a number of common security concerns for all PHP developers.
The Underground PHP and Oracle ManualThe Underground PHP and Oracle Manual
by Christopher Jones, Alison Holloway - Oracle , 2008
This book bridges the gap between the many PHP and the many Oracle texts available. It shows how to use the PHP with the Oracle database, from installation to using them efficiently. It contains much unique material on PHP's Oracle extensions.
Zend Framework: Surviving The Deep EndZend Framework: Surviving The Deep End
by Pádraic Brady , 2009
A free book about Zend Framework for the PHP programming language. This is a survival guide, boosting your understanding of the framework and how it all fits together by following the development of a single application from start to finish.
Super Awesome Advanced CakePHP TipsSuper Awesome Advanced CakePHP Tips
by Matt Curry - , 2009
Free e-book about the CakePHP Framework. It covers topics that are generally missed in the beginner books that are on the market. This book isn't meant for people wanting to learn CakePHP, use it if you want to improve your CakePHP skills.
PHP CookbookPHP Cookbook
by Adam Trachtenberg, David Sklar - O'Reilly Media , 2006
A collection of problems, solutions, and practical examples for PHP programmers. The book describes the best practices for everyday PHP programming dilemmas. It contains over 250 recipes, ranging from simple tasks to entire programs.
PHP Reference: Beginner to Intermediate PHP5PHP Reference: Beginner to Intermediate PHP5
by Mario Lurig , 2008
A collection of over 250 PHP functions with clear explanations in language anyone can understand, followed with examples. The book includes numerous additional tips, the basics of PHP, MySQL query examples, regular expressions syntax, etc.
PHP EssentialsPHP Essentials
- Techotopia , 2008
This online book covers all areas of PHP in detail: the basics of the language, file and filesystem handling, object oriented programming, MySQL and SQLite database access, handling of HTML forms, using cookies and PHP sessions.
Hacking with PHPHacking with PHP
by Paul Hudson , 2007
This book teaches PHP from scratch, no PHP programming skill is assumed. The topics are ordered in such a way as to allow newcomers to progress smoothly and quickly in their learning without having to copy thousands of lines of code.
The Definitive Guide to symfonyThe Definitive Guide to symfony
by Fabien Potencier, François Zaninotto - Apress , 2007
Introduction to symfony, the leading framework for PHP developers, showing you how to develop web applications efficiently, even if you are a PHP beginner. It covers framework installation, configuration, page building, working with templates.
PHP 5 Power ProgrammingPHP 5 Power Programming
by Andi Gutmans, Stig Bakken, Derick Rethans - Prentice Hall PTR , 2004
An introduction to the advanced new features of PHP 5 for all PHP programmers who want to move to new PHP 5. Basic introduction to PHP language syntax is written as a refresher for experienced PHP programmers and not as a complete tutorial.