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Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO'96Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO'96
by Neal Koblitz (ed.) - Springer , 1996
Contents: Universal Hashing and Multiple Authentication; Asymmetric Cryptography with a Hidden Monomial; Hidden Collisions on DSS; All Bits in ax + b mod p are Hard; Robust and Efficient Sharing of RSA Functions; Improved Differential Attacks on RC5.
Practical Cryptography With GoPractical Cryptography With Go
by Kyle Isom - Leanpub , 2014
This is an introduction to cryptography for programmers; it doesn't aim to teach the theory, but rather to guide you in your attempt to understand how to use cryptography to secure your services. We'll illustrate it using the Go programming language.

Cryptography: An IntroductionCryptography: An Introduction
by N.P. Smart - McGraw-Hill , 2004
Nigel Smart's 'Cryptography' provides the rigorous detail required for advanced cryptographic studies, yet approaches the subject matter in an accessible style in order to gently guide new students through difficult mathematical topics.
Hacking Secret Ciphers with PythonHacking Secret Ciphers with Python
by Al Sweigart , 2013
The book teaches complete beginners how to program in the Python programming language. The book features the source code to several ciphers and hacking programs for these ciphers. The programs include the Caesar cipher, transposition cipher, etc.
Mathematical CryptologyMathematical Cryptology
by Keijo Ruohonen - Tampere University of Technology , 2010
These notes contain the central mathematical background needed for understanding modern data encryption methods, and introduce applications in cryptography and various protocols. The fledgling quantum cryptography is briefly introduced.
Visual Cryptography and Its ApplicationsVisual Cryptography and Its Applications
by Jonathan Weir, WeiQi Yan - BookBoon , 2012
Visual cryptography provides a technique by which one secret can be distributed into two or more shares. When the shares are xeroxed onto transparencies and then superimposed, the original secret can be discovered without computer participation.
Invent with PythonInvent with Python
by Al Sweigart - , 2011
This book describes several encryption programs for various ciphers, along with how to write programs that can break these ciphers. The book is for complete beginners, it will teach you how to encrypt and decrypt messages.
Military CryptanalysisMilitary Cryptanalysis
by William F. Friedman - NSA , 1936
One of the most well-respected publications on cryptanalysis, as was written by William F. Friedman, one of the true experts in the field. Now declassified by the NSA, this book is key in helping individuals understand and solve cipher systems.
The Laws of Cryptography with Java CodeThe Laws of Cryptography with Java Code
by Neal R. Wagner - Univ. of Texas San Antonio , 2003
The author is trying to find a middle ground, a gentle introduction to selected topics in cryptography without avoiding the mathematics. The material is aimed at undergraduate computer science students, but will be accessible to many others.
Public-Key Cryptography: Theory and PracticePublic-Key Cryptography: Theory and Practice
by Bodo Moeller - TU Darmstadt , 2003
Multiple aspects of public-key cryptography are examined. The author covers the theory of provably secure public-key cryptography and the implementation of exponentiation and multi-exponentiation. An introduction to provable security is provided.
Basic CryptanalysisBasic Cryptanalysis
- United States Department of the Army , 1990
Introduction to cryptanalysis, monographic, polygraphic, and polyalphabetic substitution systems, transposition systems, analysis of code systems. Text also contains exhaustive material to aid in the solution of cipher systems.
A brief introduction of quantum cryptography for engineersA brief introduction of quantum cryptography for engineers
by Bing Qi, Li Qian, Hoi-Kwong Lo - arXiv , 2010
We present the principles behind quantum key distribution and discuss a few well-known QKD protocols. We focus more on the implementation of QKD protocols rather than security analysis. Another topic covered here is the security of QKD systems.
Quantum CryptographyQuantum Cryptography
by N. Gisin, G. Ribordy, W. Tittel, H. Zbinden - arXiv , 2001
Quantum cryptography could well be the first application of quantum mechanics at the individual quanta level. The fast progress in theory and experiments over the recent years are reviewed, with emphasis on open questions and technological issues.
Coding Theory and CryptographyCoding Theory and Cryptography
by David Joyner - Springer , 2000
This book concerns elementary and advanced aspects of coding theory and cryptography. The coding theory contributions deal mostly with algebraic coding theory. There are both historical and mathematical papers on cryptography.
Introduction to Modern CryptographyIntroduction to Modern Cryptography
by Mihir Bellare, Phillip Rogaway , 2005
The viewpoint taken throughout these notes is to emphasize the theory of cryptography as it can be applied to practice. This is an approach that the authors have pursued in the research, and it seems to be a pedagogically desirable approach as well.
Foundations of CryptographyFoundations of Cryptography
by Oded Goldreich - Cambridge University Press , 2007
The book gives the mathematical underpinnings for cryptography; this includes one-way functions, pseudorandom generators, and zero-knowledge proofs. Throughout, definitions are complete and detailed; proofs are rigorous and given in full.
An introduction to CryptographyAn introduction to Cryptography
by Phil Zimmermann , 1998
This guide describes how to use PGP to manage your organization’s messages and data. It is an overview of the terminology and concepts of PGP products. It contains discussions of security, privacy, and the vulnerabilities inherent in PGP.
Lecture Notes on CryptographyLecture Notes on Cryptography
by Shafi Goldwasser, Mihir Bellare , 2008
This is a set of lecture notes on cryptography for a one week long course on cryptography taught at MIT. The thread followed by these notes is to develop and explain the notion of provable security and its usage for the design of secure protocols.
Handbook of Applied CryptographyHandbook of Applied Cryptography
by Alfred Menezes, Paul van Oorschot, Scott Vanstone - CRC-Press , 1996
This Handbook will serve as a valuable reference for the novice as well as for the expert who needs a wider scope of coverage within the area of cryptography. It is a necessary and timely guide for professionals who practice the art of cryptography.
Cryptography, A Study on Secret WritingsCryptography, A Study on Secret Writings
by Andre Langie - Aegean Park Press , 1922
A classic in cryptographic literature. Text is divided into parts: Descriptions of the principal systems of cryptography; Examples of deciphering (cryptanalysis); Lists and tables with bibliography; plus a section titled 'The Playfair Cipher'.