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Solar NeutrinosSolar Neutrinos
by V. Antonelli, L. Miramonti, C. Pena-Garay, A. Serenelli - arXiv , 2012
After reviewing the results of the last two decades, which were determinant to solve the long standing solar neutrino puzzle, we focus on the more recent results in this field and on the experiments presently running or planned for the near future.
Mysteries of the SunMysteries of the Sun
by Ginger Butcher - NASA , 2011
This unique NASA resource introduces Heliophysics: the study of the Sun's influence throughout the solar system and, in particular, its connection to the Earth. Learn about topics such as Space Weather, Solar Variability, the Heliosphere, etc.
Advances in Global and Local Helioseismology: an Introductory ReviewAdvances in Global and Local Helioseismology: an Introductory Review
by Alexander G. Kosovichev - arXiv , 2011
Helioseismology studies the structure and dynamics of the Sun's interior by observing oscillations on the surface. The basic principles, recent advances and perspectives of global and local helioseismology are reviewed in this text.
The Solar Magnetic FieldThe Solar Magnetic Field
by Sami Solanki, Bernd Inhester, Manfred Schussler - arXiv , 2010
Here we describe the magnetic field from the convection zone, where it is built up by the solar dynamo, to the solar surface, where it manifests itself in the form of sunspots and faculae, and beyond into the solar atmosphere and heliosphere.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to The SunThe Complete Idiot's Guide to The Sun
by Jay M. Pasachoff - Alpha , 2003
Everything revolves around it...and now you can learn all about the origin and history of the sun. With information on the sun's physical properties; how solar flares, sunspots, and winds on its surface affect Earth's atmosphere and environment.
Views of the Solar SystemViews of the Solar System
by Calvin J. Hamilton , 2008
This page presents a vivid adventure unfolding the splendor of the Sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and more. Discover the latest scientific information, or study the history of space exploration, scientific facts, graphics and videos.
The Formation and Evolution of the Solar SystemThe Formation and Evolution of the Solar System
by James Schombert - University of Oregon , 2007
The purpose of this course is to educate you on the basic science behind our exploration of the Solar System so you may make informed choices as future/current voters on issues of our environment and the future of science in this country.
Oulu Space Physics TextbookOulu Space Physics Textbook
by Reijo Rasinkangas - University of Oulu , 2008
This textbook studies the solar wind and other plasma environments. It is aimed for students of space physics. The text covers plasma physics, heliosphere, solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere, auroras, cosmic rays, space weather, etc.
The Birth And Death Of The SunThe Birth And Death Of The Sun
by George Gamow - Dover Publications , 1940
In this fascinating book, a renowned physicist outlines the theories that illuminate the evolution of our world. Gamow employs language that's both scientifically accurate and easy to understand as he traces the development of atomic theory.