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Macroeconomics: Theory through ApplicationsMacroeconomics: Theory through Applications
by Russell Cooper, Andrew John - The Saylor Foundation , 2013
'Macroeconomics: Theory through Applications' will assist you in increasing students' economic literacy both by developing their aptitude for economic thinking and by presenting key insights about economics that every educated individual should know.
by Evgeniy Chernyshov, et al. - Wikibooks , 2012
This textbook concerns the wonderful world of macroeconomics, or economics on a very large scale, concerning national and international systems. It is primarily aimed at students in their final few years of secondary education.

A Discussion of Financial Economics in Actuarial ModelsA Discussion of Financial Economics in Actuarial Models
by Marcel B. Finan - Arkansas Tech University , 2010
This book is intended to help individuals to pass actuarial exams. The manuscript covers the financial economics segment of Exam M referred to by MFE/3F. Answer keys are provided so that you check your numerical answers against the correct ones.
Introduction to MacroeconomicsIntroduction to Macroeconomics
by Robert M. Kunst - University of Vienna , 2006
Macroeconomics describes and explains economic processes that concern aggregates. An aggregate is a multitude of economic subjects that share some common features. By contrast, microeconomics treats economic processes that concern individuals.
Business Conditions AnalysisBusiness Conditions Analysis
by David A. Dilts - Indiana-Purdue University , 2006
Topics: A quick review of the essence of macroeconomics; Economic data sources and their interrelations; Forecasting models and their uses; Putting together the notion of business environment within a strategic view of a business enterprise.
Introduction to MacroeconomicsIntroduction to Macroeconomics
by David A. Dilts - Indiana-Purdue University , 2006
This is an introductory principle of economics text that covers topics in macroeconomics. The book presents factual material concerning the operation of the aggregate economy as well as the development of understanding of economic policy.
Principles of MacroeconomicsPrinciples of Macroeconomics
by Libby Rittenberg, Timothy Tregarthen - Flat World Knowledge , 2009
The authors teach economics as the study of choice by providing students with an accessible, straightforward overview of economics. This book helps students to understand how real individuals actually work with economics.
Essentials of MacroeconomicsEssentials of Macroeconomics
by Peter Jochumzen - BookBoon , 2010
In Macroeconomics the object is to study the performance, structure and behavior of a national or regional economy as a whole. This free 163-pages long textbook provides a comprehensive overview of all facets from Macroeconomics.
The Stochastic Growth ModelThe Stochastic Growth Model
by Koen Vermeylen - BookBoon , 2010
This text presents the stochastic growth model, a stochastic version of the neoclassical growth model with microfoundations, and provides the backbone of a lot of macroeconomic models that are used in modern macroeconomic research.
Lectures in Open Economy MacroeconomicsLectures in Open Economy Macroeconomics
by Martin Uribe - Duke University , 2009
An introduction to open economy macroeconomics. From the table of contents: A First Look at the Data; An Endowment Economy; An Economy with Capital; The Real Business Cycle Model; The Terms of Trade; Interest-Rate Shocks; Sovereign Debt.
International MacroeconomicsInternational Macroeconomics
by Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe, Martin Uribe - Columbia University , 2014
The authors develop a theoretical framework for the analysis of the determinants of international capital movements, trade imbalances, and nominal and real exchange rates. The framework is then used as the basis for the discussion of policy issues.
Lecture Notes in Financial EconomicsLecture Notes in Financial Economics
by Antonio Mele , 2016
The present Lecture Notes in Financial Economics are based on the author's teaching notes for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on financial economics, macroeconomic dynamics, financial econometrics and financial engineering.
Notes on Dynamic Methods in MacroeconomicsNotes on Dynamic Methods in Macroeconomics
by Nicola Pavoni - UCL , 2008
These notes are targeted to advanced Master and Ph.D. students in economics. The material contained in these notes only assumes the reader to know basic math and static optimization, and a basic graduate knowledge of economics.
Real Macroeconomic TheoryReal Macroeconomic Theory
by Per Krusell , 2007
These lecture notes cover a one-semester course. The overriding goal of the course is to begin provide methodological tools for advanced research in macroeconomics. The emphasis is on theory, although data guides the theoretical explorations.
Quantitative Macroeconomics: An IntroductionQuantitative Macroeconomics: An Introduction
by Dirk Krueger , 2005
Business cycles are both important and, despite a large amount of economic research, still incompletely understood. In these notes the author will describe how to use standard neoclassical theory to explain business cycle fluctuations.
Notes on Macroeconomic TheoryNotes on Macroeconomic Theory
by Steve Williamson - University of Iowa , 1999
Contents: Simple Representative Agent Models; Growth With Overlapping Generations; Neoclassical Growth and Dynamic Programming; Endogenous Growth; Choice Under Uncertainty; Consumption and Asset Pricing; Search and Unemployment; etc.
Stochastic Control for Economic ModelsStochastic Control for Economic Models
by David A. Kendrick , 2002
This book is about mathematical methods for optimization of dynamic stochastic system and about the application of these methods to economic problems. The methods presented are tools for a better understanding of dynamic systems under uncertainty.
Macroeconomic Theory and PolicyMacroeconomic Theory and Policy
by David Andolfatto - Simon Fraser University , 2005
The goal of this textbook is to provide students with an introduction to the microfoundations of macroeconomic theory. It is intended primarily as an exposition designed to illustrate the basic idea that underlies the modern research methodology.
Recursive Models of Dynamic Linear EconomiesRecursive Models of Dynamic Linear Economies
by Lars Hansen, Thomas J. Sargent , 2005
This book views many apparently disparate dynamic economic models as examples of a single class of models that can be adapted and specialized. The goal is to create a class of models that merge recursive economic theory with dynamic econometrics.
MAcroeconomics Lecture NotesMAcroeconomics Lecture Notes
by Gregor W. Smith - Queen’s University , 1999
The course should help you: learn how models work; understand the models macroeconomists typically use; understand how shocks affect the economy; think about current and historical events in a disciplined way; and acquire research skills.
by Matthias Doepke, Andreas Lehnert, Andrew Sellgren - UCLA , 2001
Work Effort, Production, and Consumption; The Behavior of Households with Markets for Commodities and Credit; The Demand for Money; The Market-Clearing Model; The Labor Market; Inflation; Business Cycles; Unemployment; Economic Growth; etc.
Macroeconomic TheoryMacroeconomic Theory
by Brian Krauth - Simon Fraser University , 2004
The purpose of this course is to put you in a position to read and analyze journal articles in macroeconomics. The goal of 'teaching you macroeconomics' by describing theories and empirical observations about the macroeconomy -- is secondary.
Lecture Notes in MacroeconomicsLecture Notes in Macroeconomics
by John C. Driscoll , 2001
Lecture notes for a first-year graduate course in macroeconomics: Money and Prices; Nominal Rigidities and Economic Fluctuations; Macroeconomic Policy; Investment; Unemployment and Coordination Failure; Continuous-Time Dynamic Optimization.