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Mechanisms: MaterialsMechanisms: Materials
by Robert F. Brun, John C. Sheihing - Delmar Publishers , 1973
This text is an introductory treatment of Modern Materials, combining the elements of mechanical theory with those of material and its behavior. The experiments are presented in an action-oriented format combininga textbook with a laboratory manual.
Introduction to Continuum MechanicsIntroduction to Continuum Mechanics
by David J. Raymond - New Mexico Tech , 1999
The textbook develops the subject of continuum mechanics from the point of view of an applied physicist with interests in geophysics and astrophysics. The basic subjects covered are central to the full spectrum of applications of continuum mechanics.
Continuum MechanicsContinuum Mechanics
by Bob McGinty - , 2014
This text presents the principles of finite deformation continuum mechanics with many example applications to metals and incompressible viscoelastic materials (rubber). It can serve as lecture notes for a graduate level course in continuum mechanics.

Mechanical Properties of MaterialsMechanical Properties of Materials
by David Roylance - MIT , 2008
Uniaxial Mechanical Response; Thermodynamics of Mechanical Response; Fiber-reinforced polymer-matrix composite materials; General Concepts of Stress and Strain; Yield and Plastic Flow; Fracture (Fracture Mechanics - the Energy-Balance Approach).
Engineering Mechanics of SolidsEngineering Mechanics of Solids
by Louis L. Bucciarelli Jr. - McGraw-Hill , 1994
This is a book about the Mechanics of Solids, Statics, the Strength of Materials, and Elasticity Theory. Along the way you will learn about stress, strain, the behavior of trusses, beams, of shafts that carry torsion, even columns that may buckle.
Applied Strength of Materials for Engineering TechnologyApplied Strength of Materials for Engineering Technology
by Barry Dupen - Purdue University , 2012
Contents: Introduction; Stress and Strain; Poisson's Ratio and Thermal Expansion; Pressure Vessels and Stress Concentrations; Bolted and Welded Joints; Torsion in Round Shafts; Stresses in Beams; Beam Deflection; Beam Design; Combined Stresses; etc.
Solid Mechanics Lecture NotesSolid Mechanics Lecture Notes
by Piaras Kelly - The University of Auckland , 2013
Lecture notes on solid mechanics for engineering students. Part I:An Introduction to Solid Mechanics Part II:Engineering Solid Mechanics Part III:Foundations of Continuum Solid Mechanics Part IV: Material Models in Continuum Solid Mechanics.
Mechanical MetallurgyMechanical Metallurgy
by George Ellwood Dieter - McGraw-Hill , 1961
In writing 'Mechanical Metallurgy' an attempt has been made to cover, in some measure, the great diversity of interests. The objective has been to include the entire scope of mechanical metallurgy in one fairly comprehensive volume.
Applied Mechanics of SolidsApplied Mechanics of Solids
by Allan F. Bower - CRC Press , 2011
This text summarizes the physical laws, mathematical methods, and computer algorithms that are used to predict the response of materials and structures to mechanical or thermal loading. It is intended for advanced undergraduate or graduate students.
Mechanics of Solids and FractureMechanics of Solids and Fracture
by Ho Sung Kim - Bookboon , 2013
Contents: Stress And Strain; Linear Elastic Stress-Strain Relations; Circular Plates; Fundamentals For Theory Of Elasticity; Linear Elastic Stress Field In Cracked Bodies; Plastic Deformation Around A Crack Tip; Crack Growth...
Introduction to Mechanics of MaterialsIntroduction to Mechanics of Materials
by Roland Jančo; Branislav Hučko - Bookboon , 2013
This book is a pilot course in the Mechanics of Materials (Elasticity and Strength) offered to students throughout the bachelor study. The objective of this course is to develop the ability to analyse a given problem in a simple and logical manner.
Applied Fracture MechanicsApplied Fracture Mechanics
by Alexander Belov (ed.) - InTech , 2012
The book presents application of fracture mechanics methods to materials science, medicine, and engineering. Topics include safety of nuclear reactor components, fatigue effects in pipelines, environmental effects on fracture, and more.
Solid MechanicsSolid Mechanics
by James R. Rice - Harvard University , 2010
The application of the principles of mechanics to bulk matter is divided into the mechanics of fluids and the mechanics of solids. Solid mechanics is concerned with the stressing, deformation and failure of solid materials and structures.
Theory of Waves in MaterialsTheory of Waves in Materials
by Jeremiah Rushchitsky - BookBoon , 2011
The book unites the basic theoretical facts of solid mechanics - mechanics of materials and mechanics of wave processes. It links three important facts: physical properties of materials, mathematical models and the propagation of waves.
Applied Mechanics and Strength of MaterialsApplied Mechanics and Strength of Materials
by A.B. Clemens - International TextBook Company , 1906
The book is written in the simplest language possible, so as to make it readily understood by all students. Necessary technical expressions are clearly explained when introduced. Practical and accurate information is given in clear and concise form.
Elementary Applied MechanicsElementary Applied Mechanics
by A. W. Thomson, T. Alexander - MacMillan , 1916
The work forms an elementary consecutive treatise on the subject of Internal Stress and Strain. The whole is illustrated by a systematic and graduated set of Examples. At every point graphical methods are combined with the analytical.
Applied MechanicsApplied Mechanics
by Gaetano Lanza - J. Wiley , 1905
The work is a treatise on strength and stability, a number of subjects usually included in treatises on applied mechanics are omitted. It is primarily a text-book, the different subjects are presented in the best way for the progress of the class.
Mechanics of MaterialsMechanics of Materials
by Madhukar Vable - Michigan Technological University , 2009
With strong practical examples and real-life engineering problems, the book promises to provide the skills and principles that students need to organize, integrate, and make sense of the flood of information in the world of modern engineering.
The Analysis of Stress and DeformationThe Analysis of Stress and Deformation
by G. W. Housner, T. Vreeland Jr. - California Institute of Technology , 1965
The book for a course in the mechanics of deformable bodies for advanced undergraduate or first-year graduate students. It goes more deeply into the fundamentals and gives less emphasis to the design aspects of the subject.