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Working Capital Management: Theory and StrategyWorking Capital Management: Theory and Strategy
by Robert Alan Hill - Bookboon , 2013
Although most companies still adhere to standard industry terms, we shall prove that if a company is unique with respect to its revenue function, access to the capital market and customer clientele, its optimal debtor policy will be unique.
Commercial Awareness for ManagersCommercial Awareness for Managers
by MTD Training - BookBoon , 2010
Commercial awareness can sometimes be used as a substitute for business knowledge. With this textbook you will learn how your actions impact your organization's financial standing, ability to compete and ability to perform in the marketplace.
Managing BudgetsManaging Budgets
by MTD Training - BookBoon , 2010
In this textbook you will receive a thorough grounding in terms of what budgets are and how you can manage them effectively. The authors cover how to monitor the costs and how to forecast what you need on an ongoing basis.
Strategic Financial Management: ExercisesStrategic Financial Management: Exercises
by Robert Alan Hill - BookBoon , 2009
By following the same structure as the companion text, this book of exercises tests your knowledge of Strategic Financial Management. It also develops a number of theoretical concepts outlined in the companion text as a guide to further study.

Strategic Financial ManagementStrategic Financial Management
by Robert Alan Hill - BookBoon , 2008
In a world of political, social and economic uncertainty, Strategic Financial Management is under pressure. This book reviews the subject within the context of current events. Each chapter contains Activities to test understanding at your own pace.
Basics for Bank DirectorsBasics for Bank Directors
by Forest E. Myers - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City , 2010
The goal of this book is to provide directors, especially non-management directors who may have little knowledge about banks and their operation, with basic information to help them be intelligent questioners of risk taking and risk management.
by Ludwig von Mises - Yale University Press , 1946
Mises's 1944 book applies his insight concerning economic calculation to delineate the difference between bureaucratic management and profit-and-loss management in the free market. The implications of his argument are far reaching.