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Essentials of Trigonometry with ApplicationsEssentials of Trigonometry with Applications
by D.R. Curtiss, E.J. Moulton - D. C. Heath And Company , 1942
The distinguishing features of this book are: a concise presentation of the fundamental part of plane trigonometry up to the solution of triangles; the use of five-place logarithms; a chapter on spherical trigonometry; a chapter on applications.
Compiled and Solved Problems in Geometry and TrigonometryCompiled and Solved Problems in Geometry and Trigonometry
by Florentin Smarandache - , 2015
This book includes 255 problems of 2D and 3D Euclidean geometry plus trigonometry. The degree of difficulties of the problems is from easy and medium to hard. The solutions are at the end of each chapter. The book is especially a didactic material...
Open Trigonometry: Basic to AdvancedOpen Trigonometry: Basic to Advanced
- Wikibooks , 2014
Book 1 is pre-calculus trigonometry. We assume the student is relatively new to algebra and do algebra step by step. Many of the pages have closely related free/YouTube videos at the Khan Academy. Many students find the video presentation helpful.
Plane Trigonometry and Numerical ComputationPlane Trigonometry and Numerical Computation
by J.W. Young, F.M. Morgan - The Macmillan Company , 1919
The material is arranged in such a way that the first six chapters give the essentials of a course in numerical trigonometry and logarithmic computation. The remainder of the theory usually given in the longer courses is in the last two chapters.

A Semester Course in TrigonometryA Semester Course in Trigonometry
by Marcel B. Finan - Arkansas Tech University , 2003
The text represents a serious effort to produce exposition that is accessible to a student at the freshmen or high school levels. The chapters of this book are well suited for a one semester course in College Trigonometry.
Trigonometry NotesTrigonometry Notes
by Steven Sy - Michigan State University , 2008
From the table of contents: Review of Functions; Rational Functions; Elementary Trigonometry; Graphing Trigonometric Functions; Trigonometric Identities; Advanced Trigonometric Concepts; Triangle Trigonometry; Selected Answers to the Exercises.
Spherical TrigonometrySpherical Trigonometry
by I. Todhunter - Macmillan and co , 1886
The present work contains all the propositions usually included under the head of Spherical Trigonometry, together with a large collection of examples for exercise. The examples have been selected from the University and College Examination Papers.
Practical TrigonometryPractical Trigonometry
by H. C. Playne - E. Arnold , 1906
The book gives the reader a working knowledge of elementary Trigonometry. The book contains many and varied examples to be worked out by the student. Many examples illustrate the use of Trigonometry in Mechanics, Physics and Analytical Geometry.
Elements of Plane TrigonometryElements of Plane Trigonometry
by Hugh Blackburn - Macmillan and co , 1871
Trigonometry is the science of the numerical relations between the sides and angles of triangles. This treatise is intended to demonstrate how from given values of some of the sides and angles of a triangle to calculate all the others.
Trigonometry for BeginnersTrigonometry for Beginners
by J. B. Lock - The MacMillan Company , 1896
Contents: Definitions. The Figures of Trigonometry; Measurement of Angles; Trigonometrical Ratios; Acute Angle; Trigonometrical Ratios of Certain Angles; Practical Applications; On the Relations between the Trigonometric Ratios; and more.
Plane and Spherical Trigonometry in three partsPlane and Spherical Trigonometry in three parts
by Henry Bedingfield Goodwin - Longmans, Green, and Co. , 1907
This book was intended to serve as an introduction to the study of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy for the junior officers under training in H.M. Fleet. The text plane trigonometry, spherical trigonometry, and the examples in the use of logarithms.
Elementary TrigonometryElementary Trigonometry
by W. E. Paterson - Clarendon Press , 1911
In this book the trigonometrical ratios are introduced as functions of the angle. The trigonometrical properties of the single angle are treated fully in the early chapters, and the examples apply Trigonometry wherever it may be useful.
CK-12 TrigonometryCK-12 Trigonometry
by Mara Landers, Brenda Meery - CK-12 Foundation , 2009
A comprehensive book on trigonometry. From the table of contents: Trigonometry and Right Angles; Circular Functions; Trigonometric Identities; Inverse Functions and Trigonometric Equations; Triangles and Vectors; Polar Equations and Complex Numbers.
by Michael Corral - , 2009
A text on elementary trigonometry. Though designed for college students, it could also be used in high schools. The traditional topics are covered, but a more geometrical approach is taken than usual. Also, some numerical methods are discussed.
Dave's Short Course in TrigonometryDave's Short Course in Trigonometry
by David E. Joyce - Clark University , 2002
This website is a short introduction to Trigonometry by a professor at Clark University. It is very easy to follow, is full of animations and study problems for the reader to work through. You should already be familiar with algebra and geometry.
Plane and Spherical TrigonometryPlane and Spherical Trigonometry
by Elmer A. Lyman, Edwin C. Goddard - Allyn and Bacon , 1900
A trigonometry textbook that treats the solution of triangles quite fully and elaborates analytical trigonometry. It covers angles, trigonometric functions, inverse functions, trigonometric equations and identities, triangles, spherical trigonometry.