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Tsunami Science and EngineeringTsunami Science and Engineering
by Valentin Heller (ed.) - MDPI AG , 2016
Despite a significant increase in research activities after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, there certainly can be -- and needs to be -- more research with the aim to reduce the destruction caused by tsunamis to us and our environment.
Actual Ships Stability Problems and The Influence on Safety of NavigationActual Ships Stability Problems and The Influence on Safety of Navigation
by Cristian Andrei - Smashwords , 2016
The book is approaching the problems of ships stability loss through the study of operational aspects as well as dynamic ship behaviour in severe conditions offering a picture of some stability failure modes that are not covered by any regulations.
Boat-Building and BoatingBoat-Building and Boating
by Daniel Carter Beard - Charles Scribner's Sons , 1931
This book is intended for beginners in the art of boat-building. It begins with the primitive crafts composed of slabs or logs and works up to scows, house-boats, skiffs, canoes and simple forms of sailing craft, a motor-boat, and there it stops.
Nautical ChartsNautical Charts
by G. R. Putnam - J. Wiley , 1908
A considerable portion of the human race is interested directly or indirectly, whether as mariners or passengers or shippers, in navigation upon the sea. This book covers the general subject of nautical charts, their origin, construction, and use.

Lectures on Ship ManoeuvrabilityLectures on Ship Manoeuvrability
by Nikolai Kornev - Bookboon , 2013
This book contains fourteen lectures which include main principles of ship manoeuvrability. Experimental, theoretical and numerical methods used in the ship theory are presented in a clear and simple form. Each chapter is supplied with exercises.
Wooden Ship-BuildingWooden Ship-Building
by Charles Desmond - Rudder Pub. Co , 1919
The object of this book is to place at the disposal of builders of wood ships some much needed information about construction and equipment. Each principal part of a vessel's construction is explained, the book can be used for reference purposes.
Offshore HydromechanicsOffshore Hydromechanics
by J.M.J. Journée, W.W. Massie - Delft University of Technology , 2001
This text book is an attempt to provide a comprehensive treatment of hydromechanics for offshore engineers. The treatment of the selected topics includes both the background theory and its applications to realistic problems.
Introduction in Ship HydromechanicsIntroduction in Ship Hydromechanics
by J.M.J. Journée and Jakob Pinkster - Delft University of Technology , 2002
This preliminary text book provides a short introduction in ship hydromechanics for second year maritime engineering students. Topics have been selected for inclusion based upon their applicability in modern maritime engineering practice.
Text-Book of Theorectical Naval ArchitectureText-Book of Theorectical Naval Architecture
by Edward Lewis Attwood - Longmans, Green, and co. , 1917
This book has been prepared in order to provide students and draughtsmen engaged in Shipbuilders' and Naval Architects drawing offices with a text-book which should explain the calculations which continually have to be performed.
Shipbuilding from its beginningsShipbuilding from its beginnings
by Emile van Konijnenburg , 1913
May this book add its mite to a knowledge of the gradual evolution of shipbuilding; may it also cause to disappear this ridiculous way in which ancient ships used to be represented and, most of all, may it awaken the love for the building of ships.
Modeling of Sonar Transducers and ArraysModeling of Sonar Transducers and Arrays
by George Benthien, Stephen Hobbs , 2005
Tutorial describing the mathematical tools used in the modeling of Sonar transducers and arrays. Topics include The Acoustic Wave Equation, Acoustic Array Interactions, The Helmholtz and Kirchhoff Integral Equations, Infinite Element Methods, etc.
Shipbuilding for BeginnersShipbuilding for Beginners
by Andrew Williams Carmichael , 1918
This booklet is issued for use by workmen engaged in building ships. Written in simple language and illustrated with clear diagrams, it will serve both as a guide to the activities of a modern American shipyard and a stimulus to patriotic service.